Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heart day goodies

Circe got her Valentine's Day gift from me. I've given into the bandanna fixation and I made her a reversible one* for maximum styling potential. It has a delightfully cheesy print on one side (I woof you!) and a more refined white heart on red background print on the other.

It received a much more enthusiastic reception than the cowl.

circe, wagging
{circe, wagging}

She knows what she likes, clearly.

circe, ears back
{circe, ears back}

And I got the sweetest little swap package! From cevd, so naturally the card was awesome. I shared the bacon chocolate bar with D, just to be nice.

{swap goodies}

And my swap package went out to the lovely Lily. The theme was salt, which sounds a bit strange, but you know how much I love salt and she is a fellow salt enthusiast. I didn't manage to snap any pictures because I was in a god-awful rush trying to get to the post office before it closed, but Lily has some up on her blog.

Many thanks to the genius Amanda, for being the arranger of Valentine's swap delights!

*Making the bandanna was even easier than the cowl. I just layered the fabrics, right sides together, cut out a triangle (make sure the long side is long enough to tie around the canine neck) and then stitched around the edges, leaving a small opening to make it possible to turn it right side out afterwards. I find it easiest to leave the opening in the middle of the longest edge. It's tempting to leave the opening on a corner, but that tends to look wonky at the end. Push the fabric through your little opening so that the right sides are out. Use a pencil (or a crochet hook) to stick into the very edge of each corner, so that they turn out all the way. Then press your bandanna with a nice hot iron (making sure the opening you left is tucked in nicely) and stitch around all the edges again, without leaving an opening. I used pink thread on the printed side and white thread on the more subtle side, just by using different colors in my bobbin and spool.


  1. i didn't even notice circe's tail wagginag at first since i couldn't take my eyes off of her little smile. i've never seen her pose like that before, and with good reason...that bandanna is adorbs!

  2. Circe is so cute! Love the bandana... so how was the bacon chocolate bar?


  3. That bandanna is just too cute! I was excited and anxious when I first tried the bacon chocolate bar but it turned out to be really good!

  4. Circe appears more amenable to modeling when she likes her attire! She is adorable. Love the bandana.

  5. I am lots and lots in love with your doggy.

  6. this valentine's day was all about salt for me, too. james made a sweet and salty chocolate cake, so good.

  7. your dog is adorable. i love it when dog's have cute personalities

  8. Circe is the ultimate dog. It's true!

  9. rachel, you're the bestest. i love your yankee sense of frugality, and you're setting such a good example for all of us by actually practicing conscious thriftiness over twelve weeks so that you can measure the savings.

    and obviously i love moe's bacon bar like whoa.

    and i'm *tickled pink* for the link-love. xo!

  10. circe looks real cute in her valentine's bandanna, but i think penny and joey take the cuteness cake. they look precious (a fact that they are well aware of, judging by all the prancing and preening). thank you so much, rachel! we love the bandannas so much. i can't wait to show you photos, but we still don't have the internet and i never remember to bring my camera over to mom's or tina's. better yet, i could show you in person. when will you be home again? i miss you, rachel! i love you! p.s. i like that soda bottle from the blog one down or so. if you ever have an extra one, toss it my way, please? it looks neat (on camera, at least). i'll talk to you soon.


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