Monday, February 8, 2010

The weekend, briefly

It was one of those beautiful stormy weekends, when it rained off and on and the light was heavy and moody.

rainy weekend
{rainy weekend}

We ran a lot of errands, including stops at a few thrift stores, where we didn't find what we needed, but I did find things I wanted.

new (old) thread
{new (old) thread}

And I tried to take pictures of a seriously reluctant terrier.

circe, cowl


  1. What a beautiful "rainy weekend" picture and your description of it too:)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend even if it had a few raindrops. The last photo made me smile and reminded me of our Kelly (lakeland terrier). xo

  3. Ah... a little glimpse of terrier on a Monday makes me a happy camper!

  4. it was moody here too - much scrambling to cancel reservations after a snow out and then having an impromptu superbowl party

  5. Circe's attitude seriously makes her all the more adorable...but that little bandana sure doesn't hurt.

  6. oh that blue door and that orange tree...stunning.

  7. i love those dark days... they are perfect for reading outside on the balcony while the rain comes down.

  8. oh circe, he needs a massage! hoping your home is coming together!

  9. i love love these photos. i also now have a serious hankering for some vintage thread in that minty green shade...


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