Monday, August 31, 2009

The weekend, briefly

Whew. It is hot in Southern California.

I still managed to get quite a bit of crafting done.


Thanks to the genius who invented otter pops.

otter pops

And because Little Britain makes for good company.


The results of the weekend?


New rosebud headbands up in the shop in lovely new colors.


  1. Oh, those look lovely Rachel..! Glad you were able to craft despite the heat.

  2. Cute!
    Also, !Otter Pops! I haven't seen them in years!

  3. why didn't i think of otter pops? genius!

  4. beautiful

    and I adore otter pops - especially the purple ones

  5. Little Britain is fabulous company :) Love the new headbands!

  6. Those headbands are super cute! Do you think you'll make the kind that are continuous around the head (does that make sense?) Like with elastic? Whenever I try to tie a headband on, it always seems to come loose...of course, maybe it's just me!

  7. so lovely! (and the colours are gorgeous)

  8. they're so pretty, especially that minty green one!

  9. Jen, I totally understand the headband slipping off the head problem. I've considered adding elastic, but I'm hesitant because elastic headbands tend to give me headaches (but maybe I'm just sensitive?).

    My tip for the ribbon headbands is to add a couple of crossed bobby pins (cross two like an X) on each side of my head. This keeps the headband in place all day AND I don't have to deal with the headache factor.

  10. I LOVE YOUR HEADBANDS....that you already know :)
    I get paid on friday and I am immediately going to buy a rosebud headband my absolute the hard decision of deciding on the color :)
    Your awesome...and I love that you share your talent with the rest of us!

  11. Hmmm maybe just a bit of elastic at the very back of the headband, so it's hidden by hair?

    It was ri-di-cu-lous in downtown LA Saturday...but it was worth it since I finally got to go in the Bradbury Building and have Urth Caffe for lunch! :) And Otter Pops are the best!

  12. They're gorgeous, Rachel. And I can't believe how quickly you manage to crank them out. Love that you're sort of giggling in that one pic.

  13. Oh, Helen - I wish it were quick. I've been putting in about 12 hours a day on the shop!

    And I'm giggling because I wasn't expecting to be in the pictures but my sister ended up being unavailable and I'm horribly uncomfortable when I'm in front of the camera instead of behind it. Poor D, who had to listen to me criticize every shot he took, because I had a VISION that I could not manage to convey.

  14. good for you!

    the heat defeated me, i took a trip to the beach and otherwise layed in bed with a book all weekend.

  15. Cute headbands Rachel - sounds like you had a good weekend - very productive! I am impressed especially as it sounds as if you had lovely weather and I know I'd rather be heading off to the coast making the most of it!

  16. Ooh, and PS: I love that you're giggling as you model -- you make a fantastic one :)!! I think I get to bust out my headband tomorrow at my friend's rehearsal dinner -- *squeal*!

  17. I love the new headbands! Super sweet, as is your lovely blog. So many beautiful things! I could get lost in it for days.



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