Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding, my favorite thing

If you are worried that the whole photobooth thing is played out, please stop yourself. Things that are genuinely awesome CANNOT be played out. And the awesomeness of the photobooth long pre-dates wedding blogs anyways. I have shoeboxes full of photo strips to prove that.

The photobooth was the best discretionary money we spent at our wedding, hands down. We considered DIYing it, to save a bit of money, but honestly? I'm so glad we didn't. We put it right by the dance floor and shelled out for an extra hour so that it would be there the entire night and it was in use nonstop.

The week before the wedding we bought a basic photo album and left it out so that people could put photos in there and leave notes. Flipping through that book the next morning (at 5 am, because I couldn't sleep) was the best.

photobooth shots

A fact: photobooths inevitably devolve over the course of the night, in the best way possible.

Photobooth - Wheeler, Korn, Ip and Us

I looked at all the local photobooth companies I could find and the rates vary a lot, as do the services. We ended up going with Red Cheese Photobooth, mostly because they were the best about responding to my emails quickly. Our total came out to $1024, which is off putting at first, but when you consider what we might have spent trying to set one up ourselves (and the inevitable trouble shooting it would have involved) we have no regrets. We knew we wanted the instant gratification of prints for our guests as well as digital copies for ourselves later and this was perfect.

* As with everything wedding-related, I didn't get any discounts related to the blog and any review I give you is only because I think it might be useful to some of you. *


  1. I completely agree! Our photobooth was such a hit, and it would have been way more stressful to try to do it ourselves. Your pictures are adorable.

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  2. i went to a wedding last month with a photobooth and I had so much fun, the result has been great

  3. Wow, that photobooth looks like so much fun! And having a photo album for guests to leave snapshots is a great idea :)
    Is there a limit to the amount of photos that can be taken within the rental timeframe?

  4. We diy-ed our wedding photoboth and it worked out fabulously (see here:

    We were able to create a completely custom backdrop & set the camera up with a remote so that guests could take their own photos.

    We put all the hilarity up on facebook the next morning. A few people emailed us for the high res images and we happily obliged.

    It was perfect!

  5. Those pics are so great!

  6. love these pics of you guys!! you look so happy!! xox

  7. We had a photo booth at our wedding too and were really pleased with the results! Glad you enjoyed yours.

  8. Your wedding looks like it would have been a total blast to attend! Well done to you and your hubby for demonstrating that the most important thing about a wedding is that it is filled with love, friends, and small touches that make it personal : )

  9. This is awesome. My brother was just married and ALMOST built the booth himself. He realized, at the last minute, that worrying about his "homemade" booth all night was not worth it. :D
    Cute shots.

  10. @ janis - your photobooth turned out so well! love it! it looks like you got the lighting just right, which is one of the things we were stressing about.

  11. You did such a great job on your wedding! You are an inspiration!

  12. This is one of my (new) favorite things from your wedding. SO GOOD.

    @Janis - you were such a pretty pixie bride! Love your photo-booth!

  13. I was wondering....where did you get your shawl? that thing is gorgeous and exactly what I had in mind.

  14. @ Brandi - It's an Alice + Olivia piece that I bought right before the holidays last year. So sadly, it's no longer available. I think this is the time of year to look for similar pieces though - all the sequins come out for the holidays! I just obsessively googled variations on "sequined shrug" and "sequined crochet shrug" and then sifted through the piles of image results to find that one. It was a quest.


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