Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yogurt + jam

We are settling back in around here. Back to our apartment, back to work, back to our kitchen, which was sadly neglected in the last month or so and is now filled with all sorts of shiny new toys. Wedding posts will be coming, although I haven't entirely decided how to handle them. Wait for the pictures? Give you the lead up now, while it's fresh in my mind? Split it up into lots of little posts and dribble them out whenever it occurs to me (currently the front runner) or just compile everything into groups? I don't know.

For now, I'll just leave you with this ...

The best waffle topping, ever.

for waffles
{for waffles}

2% Fage yogurt (I suppose any thick yogurt would do, but I have a strong preference for Fage) + a hearty dollop of the best jam you have on hand. Currently, for us, it's blackberry.

yogurt + jam
{yogurt + jam}

Swirl and slather liberally on hot waffles.


  1. That looks gorge. A million congratulations on your wedding, you were a stunning bride and I can't wait to read more about your day

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  3. Ooo, that sounds so good. It's making me hungry!

    I like the idea of putting up a few wedding posts at a time. It's fun to wait for pictures but hard to do!

  4. Ok, that's it. Time for breakfast now.

  5. I know what you mean!
    Here in Greece we eat Yogurt with Glyko (something between sirup and jam), ice cream with Glyko.....you name it, we will put Glyko on it! :)
    xxx from Greece

  6. did you just get a wafflemaker too? haha. we just got married and we got one! the fun begins!

  7. That looks soooo good. I haven't eaten yet this morning so that really hits the spot right now. Can't wait to see wedding photos!!!

    - Sarah

  8. YUM! This looks fantastic - and so simple! :)


  9. Ooh, Fage + jam. That's a much healthier alternative to the softened cream cheese + honey I usually slather on my waffles, and it's probably more delicious.

    Post wedding things however you want to. But you might want to write down everything you remember right now, just for yourself, since it's still fresh. Even though I have a killer memory (my friends sometimes hate me for it), I wish I'd taken the time to write out my thoughts about my wedding in a journal so I'd have it to go back to. I might remember a lot, but I can't remember EVERYthing.

  10. Wedding posts! I am very excited to hear all about it!Can't wait to read all of the lovely stories that you have to tell us.

  11. yum. and if your dribbles are as sweet as this topping sounds, we're all in for a treat.

  12. That looks deelish! My favourite is yogurt & syrup.

  13. Oh, now this sounds divine! I'll have to try it soon... Xo, Katie

  14. I do this too, with the yogurt and jam. Sometimes its my treat at the end of the day. YUM!

  15. you should know that this is going to be the first thing we make in our kitchen.


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