Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The (ever so brief) honeymoon

I'm going to go ahead and jump in a little backwards and start with the honeymoon.

We weren't at all sure that we were going to be able to squeeze a honeymoon out of our vacation days and our budget, so we decided to play it by ear. Lo and behold, just a few weeks before the wedding the Colony Palms Hotel had a deal on Groupon, and it was settled. We headed out the Monday after the wedding and proceeded to spend most of the two days sleeping. The hotel was gorgeous and when we showed up two full hours before check in our room was all ready for us, so it was almost like getting an extra day. Love.

room bar
{room bar}

colony palms room
{colony palms room}

free coffee
{free coffee}


wedding toes, honeymoon robe
{wedding toes, honeymoon robe}

desert driving
{desert driving}


date shakes!
{date shakes!}

The weird rain seemed to follow us around (spoiler - you guys, it HAILED on the day of our all outdoor wedding. Yep.). There was a crazy storm on Tuesday morning, but luckily it cleared up enough for us to get with the plan (drinking and eating and sleeping by the pool).

I had sworn up and down that all I wanted was a vacation where we did absolutely nothing (which is so far from our usual vacations that it's laughable) and I still think that it was perfect, but I'll admit that after two days we were both kind of bewildered about the whole Palm Springs thing. I mean, there is NOTHING to do. Even the tram wasn't open yet. We got in a little bit of vintage shopping as we headed out, but the strip was pretty dead. We've clocked a lot of desert time, but always on camping trips, which apparently just magically keep you busy.

We did stop in at the casino on the drive back, since I've never been to one. I was a disaster, losing my $10 almost immediately. D played up to $30 with his and then back down to $20.83, netting us a small gain and an hour well wasted. Then I had date shake and we drove off before the rain could find us again.

And then we got home and wrote almost all of our thank you notes.


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing honeymoon :) I'm impressed that you wrote all your thank yous! I have mine written, but I still need to get over addressing them... hopefully this weekend!

  2. sounds great to to me!

    also, i need to get myself to the desert. truly.

  3. I love all the photos! Must escape Atlanta for Palm Springs immediately. Glad you had a moment to just relax. Congrats on the wedding. Love your blog!

  4. Wow, the room was really beautiful! Sometime Groupon can be such a lifesaver :-)

  5. This sounds wonderful!! What a nice honeymoon you two had. :) Love the desert!


  6. You got almost all of your thank you notes written?

    I'm impressed.

  7. I gather from this post that henceforward you will return to your jam-packed method of vacationing, since despite "getting what you wished for" (your desire to do nothing) for your brief honeymoon, it still bewildered you so! :) We're the same way. But I have to admit that one of the best vacations we ever took was to an all-inclusive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We could sit around the pool and eat and drink, or take day trips to Chichen Itza, to scuba dive, etc if we were so inclined. For a vacation where we wanted to "do nothing" (relatively speaking), it hit the spot! And for what it's worth... my grandparents used to winter in Palm Springs, and while I adored going to visit them, I would get bored quickly (even as a ten year old with an overactive imagination!).

  8. ooooh I like the poolside pic and colors. Those lounge chairs are cool. Welcome back!

    - Sarah

  9. this looks like a lovely mini-moon.

    way to go on the thank-you notes! feels good, doesn't it??

  10. Oh how pretty!! We are going to Palm Springs for ours, too. I'm so excited to do absolutely *nothing* for 3 whole days. :)

  11. I'm so glad you got away, we weren't sure how to pull off a honeymoon with funds and time away either but an expedia deal popped up (thank you internet gods) and saved the day. Just some time to sleep and catch up and be physically away from everything is such a good idea post-wedding. I like the reverse order posts too, I think it works to just tell us bits and pieces as you are ready!

  12. Gorgeous hotel! Despite the nothing-to-do-ness of Palm Springs, I hope it was a relaxing couple days to unwind after the festivities.

    Also - HAIL? That's crazy.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing mini-moon! A few quiet days is perfect after a wedding, we spent two days on Cape Cod after ours just lazing about (which is so not us either). Can't wait to hear more about your day!

  14. Its such a cute honeymoon. I love that it was all about being together and relaxing!

  15. Some downtime is perfect after the hectic time leading up to a wedding day! Looks great and can't wait for more details on the wedding! I like your blog!!

  16. I am in love with the headboard. I have been searching for a perfect replacement of my other one and this one would be perfect! Great post and have a beautiful day!

    XO Hilary

  17. sounds like an amazing trip. spontaneity pays off sometimes!

  18. you may not know this, but hail on your wedding day is REALLY GOOD LUCK.

  19. We slept the first two days of our honeymoon (this past april)too-we were so wiped from pre-wedding festivities AND the wedding itself but looks like you were able to relax a bit, love the hotel!

  20. I'm so glad you guys were able to squeeze out some time away after all that hard work! The sneak peek looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see the rest. Maybe break it down into bits like Elsie (A Beautiful Mess) recently did? And it's true, Palm Springs really doesn't have much at all to do, which I guess is good if you need to be forced to relax! ;)

  21. what a beautiful place (and photos)! try to enjoooooy's only your honeymoon after all ;)

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  22. congratulations on the wedding bliss! my sis just got married and it was so fun! :) i found you thru my sweet friend janis at my suitcase heart... so glad i did! :)

  23. aw, you guys totally deserve the biggest splurge EVER for all the incredible work you put into your gorgeous, gorgeous wedding. more on that later, but so glad you didn't travel too far for the honeymoon (even if PS was a lil', er, quiet) so that you could maximize sleep + poolside drink time together instead of lots of airport travel and jet lag. YAY TEAM. Yay date shakes.

    sending huge, huge hugs your way. xoxoxo

  24. of course you did.

    (thank you's)

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