Thursday, September 22, 2011

Honeymoon gift (from ourselves)

So we did a tiny bit of shopping while in Palm Springs. Apparently, that is what you do.

D desperately wanted these decanters and I decided that we could get them if we also got the lucite tray for them to sit on.

mini bar
{mini bar}

Sort of silly, since we mostly stick to beer with the occasional whiskey or gin for me. Clearly, I need to learn how to make actual drinks. Which means I should probably get in the habit of actually having ice in the house.

Also purchased - a brass pineapple and 5 perfectly tiny brass candleholders. None of which agreed to take a decent photo, so I'll have to try those at another time.


  1. love. and if you need to learn a drink, learn a gin gimlet. two ingredients, maybe three (if you want both lime juice and rose's lime juice). they are divine.

  2. we tried really hard to kidnap all sorts of midcentury lovelies on our trip to palm springs, but having to fly back here kept us honest. i love the decanters - well done!

    (on keeping a bar, just start with a sipping whiskey; you'll acquire more as you need it, and you can get away without ice for quite awhile.)

  3. The decanters and the tray are stunning. Especially the tray, so unusual. Congrats on your marriage!

  4. Very chic. Way better than the, uh, enormous lanterns we received as wedding gifts. Maybe I could put bar things in one...? Congrats, btw!

  5. May I recommend Aviations? You need creme de violette, which is a somewhat tricky liquor to find, but if you like gin, it's this lovely drink that's more interesting than a Tom Collins but still accessible. And gin fizzes are great if you feel comfortable in using egg whites in your drinks.

    My other general trick is to make flavored simple syrups of everything; herbs like sage or mint, fruit (especially rhubarb! amazing pink color, oh yes), and spices like cardamom. These are also great for use in baking or making ice cream.

  6. I've been wanting to put together a for-real, adult bar area for some time now. But our apartment is so tiny, I just don't know how to make more space for it!

    Love the lucite tray!

  7. I only recently got into making classic cocktails within the past year or two, it is amazing how much you learn once you just start trying different recipes!

    You can check out all the ones I have posted about here:

  8. I remember buying stuff on our honeymoon. It brings good memories every time I see them.

    - Sarah

  9. My husband's family are big believers in the civilized gin & tonic at 5 or so. Which is a tradition I'm firmly behind. Your stunning drinks set fairly demands a G&T! :)

  10. While I like your new bar set, I have to admit that the Hendrick's is the real show stopper here.

  11. Those are gorgeous! Have you thought of filling them with something other than liquor since that's not your thing? Maybe you could put some glitter or something sparkly in a couple. Guys love that sort of thing. Ha!

    Kara of

  12. Hendrick's Gin is SO good!!! Happy marriage = )


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