Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekends, lately

Things are a blur here. There has been a tiny bit of baking (all birthday related), barely any cooking (and everything that has been cooked has been roasted), there has been a lack of flowers and some wedding crafting and lots of shopping for wedding attire and tiny cupcakes eaten in the car to sustain the shopping and a reward dinner/snack at mozza (we split the pepperonata pizza and I think it might be my new favorite, but sitting at the bar and watching all the pizzas get assembled really made me wish there was a way I could sample all of them).



paper, dyed
{paper, dyed}


rhubarb, sliced
{rhubarb, sliced}

double birthday
{double birthday}

roasted asparagus, again
{roasted asparagus}


suit shopping
{suit shopping}

mozza, beer
{mozza, beer}

for the road
{for the road}

a dozen, depleted
{a dozen, depleted}


I'll be trying to get some wedding planning updates posted, because honestly, after family and work that is what is occupying any leftover brain space I might have. Turns out, reading about other people's weddings is more fun than planning your own, which mostly seems to consist of signing contracts and having heated debates over font choices and alignment options and then having mild heart attacks every time we look at the budget. But there's good stuff in there too.


  1. Well at least you've already mastered the reward system of mini cupcakes during all that planning. Happy double-birthdaying and font-deciding, and pa-leaze share the rhubarb recipe, whatever it may be.


  2. Honey, it was your rhubarb recipe! Except we made a lattice top crust rather than the galette. And we bumped the sugar a wee bit because our usual pie crust recipe is completely unsweetened. It was tart and perfect - thank you! (But I still have a blister from all that chopping - I've never reduced rhubarb to matchstick size pieces before!).

  3. Oh - I love these photos. At least there are tasty treats between heart attacks! Don't forget to enjoy yourself!!

  4. Are you hand dyeing all the paper for your flower decorations? Because that just might be one of the more ambitious things I've ever seen, and I'm totally in awe.

  5. well it's nice that in between all of that you get to eat such pretty things and then share them with us :)

  6. Those treats in that box looked delicious! I hope you find time to wedding plan. It does get old and draining but I hope you are able to enjoy it some!

  7. Pastry in the face of anxiety: Well done.

  8. Oooh, I really miss Mozza! The burrata pizza was my favorite! Good luck...
    (And P.S. Doughnut day sounds like a crazy made-up holiday, but can you believe it's been around since WWI??)

  9. I just love your paper flowers! They're so pretty and delicate.

  10. I love your paper flowers and the tiny cupcakes are so adorable and look soooo yummy!!! :)

  11. Cakes look so festive. I love the chronology of your weekend. Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Those paper flowers and cakes turned out so lovely! This time of year always seems to be a crazy whirlwind, nevermind with wedding planning on top of that. Hope things are going well on that front! :)

  13. you've been busy, my friend!

  14. oh, my, those cupcakes! do you make them yourself? they are lovely!

  15. i am in love with how involved you are with your wedding :) how exactly does one dye paper?

  16. Your weekends always look amazing!

    Can we get a paper flower tutorial sometime? (Totally understand if its well and truly post the wedding) They look divine!

  17. I enjoy reading your weekend posts.
    Photos are great!
    xxx from Greece

  18. Is the dyed paper for the flowers? It looks so pretty hanging to dry.

  19. Oh, I guess I've been a little misleading.

    Technically, I'm using watercolor on the paper, not dyeing it. But I am doing it all by hand! More time consuming than I expected. I need to do a mock up and then decide if I'm completely insane to think I can make enough flowers for the wedding. Decision will be made in the next week or so.

    There will definitely be a tutorial on the flowers - now that I'm getting my method down, I feel like I could actually begin to explain to someone what I'm doing. But, it might not be until after the wedding, depending on how crazy things get. I'm always surprised by how long tutorial posts take, even when they're super simple (and the flowers are not really super simple). But it will be here, at some point!

  20. I wish I lived closer we could form a paper flower making party to help you out-I love how they look, really beautiful. And if I had mini cupcakes during wedding errands I think I would have been a much more sane human being (sugar crash=cranky/scary). Love these photos, happy for the update and thankful you're keeping us in the loop even when things are crazy busy!


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