Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weekend, briefly

It finally feels a bit like summer here.




dinner platter!
{dinner platter!}

Weekend notes: 

:: I was either running errands or cooped up inside getting stuff done for most of the weekend, but we took a short evening walk to smell the jasmine and appreciate the local architecture. I love all the silly little apartment buildings in our neighborhood and I can't tell you how much it makes my heart hurt every time they tear one down and replace it with a faux Italian villa monstrosity.

:: The flowers are coming along, but they are eating up an enormous amount of paper, not to mention time. May have to move to back up plan.

:: A weekend dinner - La Brea bakery bread, whatever cheese we have, honey, dried cherries, cornichons (for me). Plentiful wine.


  1. your weekend dinner sounds perfect. particulary the last sentence!

  2. That cheese platter looks so yummy. One of my fav meals.

  3. I missed you this weekend! Love the paper flowers- I'm getting married next year, please share the secret of making them.

    Love, Emily x

  4. I eat cornichons like it's nobody's business. Great photos.

  5. That dinner looks perfect for a hot summer's night when no one feels like cooking.

  6. any dinner that is half cheese is okay with me :) glad you had a productive weekend!

  7. so i am new to reading your blog and i so love it! i read your post about your engagement and how you wanted it in some ways to stay "between the two of you" and i had the EXACT same reaction. i felt like something must be wrong with me because i wasnt enjoying the "oohing and aahing" of everyone around me at first. it was so odd! i just wanted to go back and sit on my couch with my man and look at the ring and daydream lol. anyways thanks for that post i really related :)

  8. a favorite dinner over here as well!

    joe and i were watching dark shadows last night and various characters were talking about how they smelled jasmine whenever they saw the ghost of josette collins. any sign of helpful diaphanous ladies in los angeles this week?

  9. The first time I noticed the quirkiness of LA area apartment architecture: a Family Guy episode (don't judge). Brian moved to LA and stayed with his cousin in an apartment building that had that LA look. Living in Palms at the time, the familiarity made me laugh.

    That tasty dinner platter of yours is my favorite go-to meal. So easy, relaxing, and tasty.

  10. lovely photos as usual. that dinner looks like my kind of dinner ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  11. These shots are absolutely amazing..Love the dinner platter & the jasmine. Stunning!


  12. my favorite kind of dinner.

  13. Just found your blog today. It's bizarre because the apartment pictured is where I live!


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