Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tahini-lemon quinoa

I've accepted that I probably won't have time for much cooking for a while, and my stop gap solution is to make a large one bowl dish at the beginning of each week and then eat it every night. Thrilling, right? But it's amazing how much more time I have in the evening if I can just come home and pull something straight out of the fridge and eat it with no fuss.*

Last week ...


The recipe is right here. The only change I made was to soak the chopped red onions in a bit of water and vinegar before using them. It takes the edge off the bite of raw onions, which D appreciates. We had it with flatbread or stuffed in a pita or plain with veggies on the side (+ additional hummus).

The recipe is supposed to serve 4, so I doubled it and whoa! We both ate it for dinner for 5 nights and there were still leftovers. It was really filling for something so light - maybe that's the quinoa?

I'm scouting around for more one dish meals. And considering making two smaller batches of different ones so that we aren't totally bored by the weekend.

* It has the added bonus of preventing me from eating peanut butter straight out of the jar if I come home desperately hungry and/or collapsing on the couch in despair because I can't think of anything to make and my life is So Hard.


  1. I posted a quick stir fry Monday that only takes 5 min. You might like that. Or Try this you can eat on it for days.

  2. Delicious! And so ideal for this time of year. Definitely of the list of 'things I must cook'.

    Love, Emily x

  3. I hate quinoa. But otherwise, I'm absolutely on board with this plan. I came home last night and my husband needed to go and mail something, leaving me to whine while I made dinner. (Usually, I don't mind, but I was so. freaking. exhausted.)

    My favourite one dish meal right now is a green bean salad with goat cheese, cured sausage and a lemony dressing. Don't ask me what all goes in it; it varies from week to week.

  4. I love quinoa! I think it's great with a lot of lemon so I'm excited to try your recipe! Check out my homemade Nutella peanut butter brownies :)
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  5. I love quinoa, and it is so healty! I have just discovered your blog, I love it! Kisses!!

  6. There's a recipe for buttermilk farro on 101 cookbooks that I made a while back and did a similar thing - eating it all week. Can't recommend it enough!

  7. This is such a good idea and the recipe looks amazing.

  8. I try to make a crockpot full of a different variety of Rancho Gordo beans on the weekend. And a pot of black rice (have you tried? Amazing!). Fresh vegetables, a bottle of ponzu sauce, a handful of go-to quick salad dressing recipes, or a poached egg and I can throw together a meal I want to eat.

    Also, this quinoa recipe from chef Naomi Pomeroy gets made in double batches and kept in the fridge. Substitute greek yogurt for the sour cream:

  9. Great recipe!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  10. Alright I'm TOTALLY making this tomorrow...umm, YUM!!

  11. I've already printed out the recipe. :) Please keep posting good ideas b/c I can totally cook once a week and live off of it as well and would love to see more recipes!

  12. I'm addicted to quinoa and love this combo so very much!

  13. I am slightly obsessed with quinoa, and I just hafta try this.


  14. I made this last night and it was delicious! I added steamed asparagus and diced tomatoes to the mix and made the sauce using the Trader Joe's tahini sauce as a base then adding the lemon zest, a little garlic, a little lemon juice, oil and hot water and salt and it was PERFECT (but you could likely use the TJ's sauce, salt, oil, water and zest and it would be fine)! I plan to eat it the next few nights for dinner. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it is sure to become a summer staple!

  15. this was DELICIOUS! Thanks for the new recipe!


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