Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The weekend, briefly

We got a tiny bit of a jump start on the weekend by going out for an impromtu breakfast on Friday morning before work. I'm really glad we did, because the rest of the weekend went by at lightning speed as we tried to work through to do lists and see family.

weekday breakfast
{weekday breakfast}

wrapping it up
{wrapping it up}

dogs in exile
{dogs in exile}

lee's #5
{lee's #5}

drinking + painting
{drinking + painting}

Weekend notes: 

:: Breakfast was at Huckleberry, which is on the pricey side, but really good. And honestly, we could have saved some money and just split the fried egg sandwich because we were both overly full for the rest of the day. I did like my eggs over sauteed spinach and potatoes, though.

:: I finished up some custom orders and closed up the shop for the summer. I knew I'd need to do this in order to free up enough time to get this wedding planned. I'll re-open in October. 

:: We were doing some heavy lifting in the back yard, and the pups are notorious for getting under your feet and making you trip so we locked them in the house. Side benefit - I can get a shot of them both looking at me, without having Snowy trying to lick the camera lens.

:: We're still on a Lee's kick - we've been doing a lot of driving around and this is one of my favorite fast food options.

:: More prep work for paper flowers! Painting enormous sheets of paper solid colors is tedious but the case of Sierra Nevada seasonal is helping. If you aren't normally a huge fan of SN (I'm not), you might still want to give this one a try - I'm really enjoying it.


  1. I know how the paper flower process feels!!! We are dying 3500 coffee filters to make paper cabbage roses - tedious process!!

  2. good to know about the sierra nevada! i typically raise my eyebrow at them, but i'm rethinking my beer strategies since finding out some of my faves aren't vegetarian (all of sierra nevada's varieties are, as far as i can tell).

    hello to the exiles! baby steve feels their (adorable) pain.

  3. I love those sweet doggie-smiles. Too cute. xo.

  4. That breakfast looks fantastic. I was also quite pleased with the SN Glissade when I tried it a while back. I also quite enjoyed the New Belgium Mothership Wit I tried over the weekend (in case you enjoy wheat beers).

  5. Haha i love your dogs!

    - Sarah

  6. This is so random. I saw your post this morning and thought, we have a Lee's, but it can't be the same. Then I just now met my husband for lunch and we were accriss the street from Lee's. He said, "did you know they are in SoCal and one location here (OKC) and that is it?". Too funny.

  7. What a gorgeous yellow colour to be painting with. What a joyous job!


  8. It is so hot here that I've been craving an icy beer after a sweaty session in the yard, but I am *so* not a beer drinker so SN, you are "it."

    Snowy: what a cutie!

  9. Definitely a fan of drinking and crafting, especially for repetitive bits like this.

    A good soundtrack is also essential but I'm sure you're all over that!

    (the smiths make for awesome crafting)


  10. Your dogs are amazing! :-)

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  11. oh i love all of your photos! that sandwich looks awesome, so does that brekkie!!
    xo ~ kristina


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