Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The weekend, briefly

Quiet, hushed. That's how my weekend photos feel. It poured on Saturday, which makes it easier to stay home and get stuff done. We finally watched Inception. We got some time in the kitchen (me - chocolate chip cookies to freeze for emergencies, d - granola). EDIT - If you're curious about my emergency cookie stash, you can read my post about it here.


grater, cheese
{grater, cheese}

breakfast quesadilla
{breakfast quesadilla}



kitchen afternoon
{kitchen afternoon}

cookie dough
{cookie dough}

sage honey
{sage honey}


  1. Yum! That cookie dough looks delic! Did you like Inception?


  2. Your photos are always so amazing! Rainy weekends are my favorite, as long as it isn't summer.

  3. how was the movie!? when i saw it all the boys agreed that leo is doomed, but us girls hold hope that the camera just stopped too soon :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. What did you think of Inception?

  5. These pictures make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I love quiet rainy weekends!

  6. yum - hushed is good for weekend if you ask me

  7. oh we had breaky quesadillas too.

    emergency cookie dough.

    always so much smarter than me....

  8. I stayed in a lot of the weekend too. I didn't have it in me to brave yet another snow storm. It was lovely really!

  9. Looks so nice and peaceful. Ready for this cold weather to end!!

  10. Sounds like a good, peaceful, productive weekend!

  11. would literally maim and/or pillage for an avocado right now. what's up, india? give forth thine 'cados!

    (also, d should sell his granola online. you could make the cute lil' stickers for the mason jars, tied up with string. just think about it, you guys, ok?)

  12. Your weekend looks wonderful! I love the hushed atmosphere, very relaxing! xxxxxxxxx


  13. looks so lovely and peaceful, love the photos!

  14. oooh frozen cookies for emergencies! what a perfect idea.

  15. emergency cookies-genius!
    What were you reading?

  16. goodness me, your pictures make me jealous of your weekend! your kitchenaid mixer (on my christmas list for this year), your incredibly delicious looking quesadilla... one question though - do you have a recipe for freezerbox chocolate chip cookies?!?!! if so, i would be forever indebted if you might share it... or do you just freeze regular chocolate chip cookie dough? there are so many days when i absolutely need a few chocolate chip cookies, but don't have the resolve to even mix up the dough :)

  17. @ everyone who asked - I liked Inception, but I wasn't over the moon for it the way I expected to be. Maybe I waited too long? I did like it, though. I didn't think the ending was overly ambiguous, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, so I won't say more!

    @ everyone who asked about the cookie dough - I should have mentioned what I was doing! I make the dough ahead of time and freeze it in balls for baking later. I'll edit the post and link to the post where I discuss it in more detail, if you're interested.

    @ Katie Bee - I was reading (simultaneously) my Greek cookbook (Food and Wine of Greece) and a novel (Gossip of the Starlings). The cookbook is excellent, the novel was solid but I wasn't blown away. A nice weekend read, though.

    @ Meg - I know people sometimes think the KitchenAid is unnecessary, but I beg to differ. It is one of my favorite appliances (second to the food processor, though, I'll admit) and mine is actually older than I am! It was my mom's from when she first got married, and I inherited it when she received an upgrade a few years ago. It's wonderful. I hope you get yours this year!


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