Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The weekend, briefly

Some crafting,
{thread rainbow}

my favorite snack,

a drink,
afternoon beer
{afternoon beer}

and a winner...

Commenter 92, Smeagher, will be getting a rosebud headband in chocolate. Thanks to everyone for entering!


  1. cornichons and beer? that sounds absolutely perfect!

  2. What a perfect weekend!
    Where's the spool rack from? It's awesome!

  3. mm.. one of my favorite snacks too! and i really like that pretty thread photo.

  4. congrats winner!

    beautiful thread rainbow

  5. you and i could easily hang out...I did some of the same stuff you did! Sewed my little heart out, consumed many pickles (my favorite food - thank god it isn't fattening) and beer is always good...goes with pickles sometimes. And Congrats to the winner!

  6. oooh i totally dig cornichons too ;-)

  7. cornichons, and beer....hmm, do you have anything to tell us??

  8. Just found your blog and it's lovely! Great tips and tricks and this spread looks like something I could get into. That, and the cheese!

  9. hey Rachel I love the spool rack, so neat and organised. Glad you had a nice weekend! :)

  10. yay for the winner! your spool rack is lovely...and an afternoon beer is relaxing.

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