Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday!

I have no plans for the weekend. And it feels good.

Wonderful girls happy hour last night here.

cut flowers

It looks like we are finally easing into spring here, alternating slightly gloomy days with slightly sunny days. Flowers are popping out everywhere. I am daydreaming about having my own herb garden on the patio. More on that next week.

Hope your weekend is filled with flowers or other loveliness!


  1. I have no plans either (except the ever daunting task of packing) and I love it! Please do keep us informed on your gardening endeavors... Our new place has great garden potential but I don't have a clue how to start!

  2. i'm so envious of your no-plans's such a luxury!

  3. this is the last weekend I have hard plans as I need to clean out the store room. but, it makes more weekends to play! have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Have an absolutely wonderful weekend, darling! Thank you for the flowers :)

  5. Oh, you lucky girl. Glad spring is coming there. It was -2 when I woke up this morning! Can't wait to hear more about the herb garden.

  6. patio gardeners unite! let us know how it goes...
    hopefully i'll have made some headway on my patio kitchen veggie garden this weekend, too!

    happy weekend!

  7. I don't have plans either. Feels so great!

    Have a lovely one!


  8. ha - your comment on my post made me laugh. 'i dont have pictures of them around my house or anything'.. you're awesome!

    hope you have a fantastic weekend. the kinds with no plans are always the best kinds!

  9. Weekend with little or no plans are always so nice and relaxing. Enjoy it-as well as the pretty flowers. I'm hoping the same will happen here in a few short weeks!

  10. pretty flowers! Have a great weekend :-)

  11. Love a girls night out... So refreshing!

    We're on spring break over here, with no plans. I'm very much looking forward to slow-paced mornings and not having to share my daughter with kindergarten for a whole week.

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Sometimes it's so nice to not have any plans on a weekend and to see what happens. Your flowers look so pretty and I am starting to think again about gardening. Even though we are putting our house up for sale I still want to plant veggies in my little patch as we don't know how long it will take to sell and if it does then it will be nice for the new owners to have some fresh veggies in summertime.
    Have a wonderful weekend - whatever you end up doing! :)

  13. I'm loving the mix of sun and gloom we've been having--easing into spring makes it feel like even more of a treat.


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