Friday, March 9, 2018

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I have lots of thoughts about pregnancy, and how strange and sweet and scary it is but I have zero time to write about them. So here are some photos, and then a few thoughts at the bottom, which are probably pretty scattered.

painting in progress

tiny clothes





Things I want to write about: body image during pregnancy, anxiety during pregnancy, the annoyance of nearly constant contractions that apparently don't mean anything, the fact that I've been so busy at work that I forgot to sign up for any of the classes our doctor asked us to sign up for and now it's too late and I feel like I'm already a bad parent, how our house basically hasn't been clean since my first trimester, that I seem to have lost my ability to read for pleasure because my brain is all over the place all the time but not the least bit foggy (thank god) just thinking about a million different things.

What I can write about:

- We painted the nursery! We decided on green pretty early on but then spent over a month painting more and more swatches on the wall while we tried to figure out the perfect shade and tone. I would like to say that the one we finally selected is absolutely the best thing ever but actually it was more just that we finally realized we had to make a decision, any decision. We have since second guessed it a million times but there is no way that we are taping up all that woodwork again, so I have decided I love it. (I do think it looks good, honestly - more pics once we have everything else in place in 3 years or so)

- I've been overwhelmed by all the love from our family and friends. It's been so amazing celebrating with everyone over the last month or so and I feel so grateful for the people we have in our lives. I had the most beautiful family baby shower (a joint one with my cousin - we are due less than a week a part, which is so much fun!) and then last weekend Emily hosted a gorgeous lunch with some of my dearest girlfriends. I tend to get really uncomfortable with being the guest of honor, but both of these parties were so thoughtful and felt just right (still can't get over the fact that Em made my favorite cookies, which are a huge pain and a true labor of love).

- I have been taking photos pretty much every week, which is so weird for me, but it's fun to look back. The one above is from 35 weeks. At this point, I'm not even sure how much my belly is changing. It doesn't seem noticeable bigger week to week lately. Maybe something crazy is going to happen during these last few weeks, though.

- Starting last week I feel like going to the hospital is my second job. I'm there 2 - 3 times a week for non-stress tests, growth scans, and regular old appointments. We had a complication (an SUA which seems to not be causing any problems, fingers crossed!), so there is a good reason for all the extra screening, and I'm so grateful that they are keeping a close eye on her, but man, it is a lot of appointments.

- I am on some kind of crazy fruit bender. Basically all I want to eat is blueberries this week, but last week it was oranges. I honestly haven't had much in the way of cravings* or aversions, but I think I'm going to bankrupt us with this produce habit.

 * Except for wanting Caesar salad ALL THE TIME throughout the entire pregnancy, which is hard because most good versions have raw egg and I've been trying to be good about following the rules even though it kills me to give up runny egg yolks. I can't tell you how many restaurants have gotten phone calls from me asking about their dressing ingredients. In a pinch, I'll make it at home using Brianna's Asiago Caesar, which is the best bottled version I've found.


  1. I am just so happy for you and Dustin, you two are already wonderful parents and it's so wonderful to 'hear' your voice again with your blog. Also, holy crap, you are one stunning pregnant lady! I mean, I'm not saying that there are women who AREN'T stunning, but good lord, you just glow!

  2. I couldn't read for pleasure during my pregnancy either! My thoughts were always somewhere else. The good news is that it comes back! In the very beginning when I was up a lot at night and couldn't easily fall back asleep, I read a very easy rom com type of book that turned out to be a wonderful distraction and escape in between feedings! Good luck! You look beautiful!

  3. Dude. Painting during pregnancy. We painted our old living room 3 times because I couldn't settle on a color and nearly had a meltdown during the 2nd color. (I didn't know I was pregnant yet.) But I'm convinced the extra hormones make choosing a color more difficult.

    I am here for all the pregnancy talk, when you can gather your thoughts/find time.

    We did the hospital classes before our first, but I honestly learned more from friends with children than I did the class. So make your sister tell you every last detail about her birth experiences. Everything after baby comes is just winging it.

    All I have managed to read since pregnancy has been on my kindle app and of the easy variety. I've tried to read a couple things of substance, but I am not in the mental space to handle it. So I've binged on easy fiction. (Pretty much nothing of any quality, tbh.) It helps pass the time while nursing/bottle feeding or pacing the floor to get baby to sleep.

    Brianna's dressings are surprisingly good. We used to mix the honey mustard with wasabi to dip seared tuna in. And the French vinaigrette is a staple since husband doesn't like any others.

    Love to you guys! Baby soon come!

  4. I love Julia Turshen's caesar dressing! I prefer it with extra cheese and anchovies and no vinegar but here is the base recipe you can work off: I also get the anchovies wrapped in capers and throw the capers in too - I guess I prefer a really salty dressing.

  5. Have you made the Kale Caesar from the new Smitten Kitchen Everyday? If you don't have it, I can scan it and email it to you - let me know. It's even better than the one from Small Victories - and I make it without the eggs, so it's totally kosher (ha!) during pregnancy.

  6. We have an SUA with our little boy due in May. It gave me some comfort to hear I am not the only one out there with this (none of my friends and family knew what I am talking about), although I am sorry you have to deal with it as well. It was so startling to hear during the 20-week ultrasound and I know things could be so much worse. Luckily, we also don't seem to be having any issues. We have his 32-week ultrasound next week and I am hoping that he is still growing like he should be. I've had a stressful pregnancy due to my mom's chronic illness but I am hoping things will be okay with the baby. There is so much space for worry while you are pregnant and I think the medical community is not always helpful with mitigating that worry - they seem to encourage it almost with all their warnings! I just read Expecting Better by Emily Oster, which was helpful to put all the pregnancy warnings and facts in perspective.

    The classes seem to be somewhat of a waste of time in this age of the internet. We are very bored by our birth class! You will be a great mom and your awesomeness will have nothing to do with how many classes you take. But I am here for the pregnancy talk bc none of my friends are pregnant right now!

    1. Oh hon, I am so sorry! I was pretty devastated when we found out at the 20 week scan, and then I read about a million medical journal articles (job related hazard - always feeling the need to read as much peer reviewed literature as possible). We decided not to do an amnio since it seemed like most chromosomal issues would probably have been detected by the 20 scan and prenatal screening, but I have to admit that as the due date gets closer I kind of wish I'd done one for peace of mind.

      I will keep all my fingers crossed for you. I'm coming up on 37 weeks and all my growth scans have been great, which is really reassuring. Email me if you ever want some support! I don't have any friends or family that have dealt with this either, even though it is supposedly one of the most common umbilical anomalies.

  7. So exciting! Best wishes for continued health through your pregnancy!

  8. So happy for you! I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of being pregnant and they are too uncomfortable.

    Re: Caesar salad: The best recipe for ANY Caesar salad I've made is from Oh She Glows. It's vegan (but don't let that stop you!) and she makes it out of soaked cashews. Healthier and just as delicious.

  9. Congrats! I am 17 weeks with my second and I also have the Caesar salad craving, I just want to eat it constantly. I'm so happy to see all of these recipes! With my first it was watermelon. So much watermelon.

  10. I'm late to the game but CONGRATULATIONS!! So nice to hear you are soaking up these truly one of kind, never again fleeting months of just you and your husband as you expect your first baby - it's so wild to think about and I remember feeling utterly lost at trying to grasp at what that meant and anticipating a new life - but I will say it is the BEST feeling in the whole world becoming parents. Sounds like you're almost at the end so wishing you all the peace and calm and good health. XO


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