Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ladies' trip to Palm Springs

Jumping back in time to the beginning of May, when I got to spend a weekend with some ladyfriends from college/beyond. We don't all live in the same city anymore, and when we do get to see each other we're usually surrounded by children and husbands (not knocking this - our group is pretty fun and their kids are adorable). But getting away for a couple days was exactly what we needed. We rented an AirBnB with a pool and movie screening room and we drank and ate and talked and re-watched 10 Things I Hate About You and talked more and generally had the most relaxing, life affirming weekend. Oh, and we got massages. It felt indulgent but was actually not too bad cost-wise, since we split the rental four ways and cooked almost all of our meals.

Palm Springs

Ernest Coffee



Also, Palm Springs continues to get better and better. It's always been lovely, but the food and drink offerings were lackluster. I'm happy to report that things are looking up.

What we did (besides lying around the house, which occupied most of our time):

Coffee at Ernest Coffee - we went four times over the course of three days. It's that great. The place is adorable and has legitimately great coffee (when I was there they had a date shakerato that was out of this world) but also has boozy coffee options for late afternoons (their Irish coffee was so much better than any other version I've ever had that it could have been a different drink altogether). And here's the really fun part - the back half of the coffee house is a tiny, adorable tiki bar that opens up in the evening. Which leads me to ...

 Drinks at Bootlegger Tiki - as I mentioned, it's tiny and only has a few booths, but you can also take your drinks outside to the Ernest Coffee patio. Tiki drinks are one of those things that I would never in a million years consider making at home (so many ingredients, so incredibly sweet) but I love a good tiki bar, especially on vacation. This is a good one.

Breakfast at Cheeky's - always worth a stop.

Morning run to the Doug Atkin installation, Mirage. Running up that hill was brutal, but the sweet reward was an utterly deserted mirror house at the top. When D and I went to see it back in March it was crowded and still blew me away. Seeing it completely empty was next level. The website says it closed on April 30th, but we were there the following week and it was definitely still open (there was a guard and everything). Maybe they've extended it?


  1. DesertX ended at the end of April but the house is there through October. We tried to go Memorial Day weekend but it was closed. Heading back in a few weeks and are going to try again.

  2. Next time you come into town, check out Rooster & the Pig! It's viet-fusion. The wait is about 30 minutes (no reservations)--but you can always get a drink from their bar and wait outside! Serving sizes area bit small but it's SO delicious!

    I also recommend ice cream and shoppe for a quick ice cream stop!

  3. How fun! :)

    Don't be afraid of tiki at home: there are a lot of cocktails out there that don't have 87 ingredients and aren't tooth-achingly sweet, I promise!

    The Lion's Tale is one of my favorites, and allspice dram is easy to make and keep in the freezer (I have a flat of twelve 4-ounce canning jars of syrups and ingredients - the easiest thing to do if you don't have room but want variety is to host a party and send people home with a 4 oz jar). I've also made orgeat, falernum, banana liqueur, cherry heering, hibiscus-infused tequila, and various spiced simple syrups. My brother is now addicted to cardamom old fashioneds after I turned him on to cardamom syrup.

  4. Sounds like a brilliant trip!!


  5. Sounds fantastic & a pool and movie screening room? Wow!

  6. Hey Rachel,
    I have just been delaying getting into the housework by dipping into your old blogs. You really have been through so much with your family, and you still so young. I read some old blogs about thrifting and since I have recently been through a down-sizing (minimalizing?) move, I kinda chuckled at the STUFF you fall in love with, I mean me too. Life is funny. Yours is full of beauty, food, drink, culture, love. I wish you the best and thanks always for the sharing.

  7. Miss your posts! Come back please! :-)

  8. I miss them too! I keep checking back to see if you've posted :)

  9. Palm spring is an amazing place for visiting and enjoying. Hope you all enjoyed there. Keep posting!



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