Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The weekend, briefly

We drove up north last weekend to see family and friends and leaving my niece and nephew on Sunday broke my heart - it gets harder every time. I did a terrible job of pulling out the real camera so I have very few decent photos but the trip was wonderful.

temescal brewery flight
Circe with toddler fruit salad
baby jellies

My niece got a new play kitchen and kept carefully presenting Circe with offerings of wooden fruit, which Circe ignored. We got to see a few friends and eat some good food and the Bay Area was being particularly show-offy this weekend. The weather was amazing, there were flowers popping up everywhere, we went to our favorite brewery plus a new one we hadn't visited before and of course, Berkeley Bowl was full of the best citrus. By Sunday afternoon I was pretty much ready to move in. I do love LA, but northern California is fairly spectacular in spring.

P.S. - During our drive we listened to all of S-town and then started on Missing Richard Simmons, which made the 12 hour round trip much more bearable.

P.P.S - Because I haven't been writing regularly I have all these random things to talk about and none of them feel like full blog posts so I'm struggling with that a bit. Hopefully I'll have some bits and pieces up around here soon in some form.


  1. Ha, I was at all three of those spots this weekend - Temescal is my neighborhood brewery! Glad the Bay Area pulled out all the stops for your visit.

    1. So funny! I wonder if we were there at the same time! It was PACKED when we were there on Sunday afternoon. If you saw a grown woman covered in baby food (my nephew was having trouble focusing on his sweet potatoes) that was me.

  2. craft beer and baby legs -- doesn't get better than that. :)

  3. review of s-town please!! I'm a big podcast listener and just could not for the life of me get into s-town. I found the southern guy unbearable (insert cringing emoji) and could not get passed it. Should I give it another shot? I feel like I haven't heard much about it since in came out, so I don't think people are freaking out about it.

    Also, I loooove random posts! So feel free to just do that! It doesn't need to be perfectly organized! I just love when you post!

  4. It is sometimes hard to keep up: I'm a year behind in going through photographs due to a computer crash and injury that took me out all of last summer. Bah! But one does what one can, and that's just that. No judgement! I can tell you I love the photo of the baby legs. So adorable. :)


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