Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Once a month meal planning - April

And April!

monthly meal planning - april

As you can see, I started messing around with this month before it was even properly off the ground. We had friends coming over for dinner and I felt like making something a little more special than our usual weeknight meals so I shifted things around a bit.

Recipes for this month: 

Sweet potato noodles and bolognese - again, no real recipe. It's just 1/2 lb ground beef, 1/2 lb hot sausage, 1 jar marinara and 2 large sweet potatoes that have been spiralized. (spiralizer post is here)

Vegetable bowls with brown rice noodles - I gave up on the recipe for this one. I'm just winging it by stir frying some vegetables and using TJ's Soyaki sauce. It works out great.

Enchilada chicken soup - we never seem to get tired of this one.

Sweet potato dirty rice - got a nice Andouille sausage from WF for this month.

Black lentils with caramelized onions - a perennial favorite. I only make a half batch if I just want four servings. Otherwise we'll be eating it for days (which is sometimes good).

Sweet potato, kale and sausage soup - using homemade broth, which makes it a million times better. We tend to get a WF rotisserie chicken a couple times a month for weekend meals, and I'll save the bones in the freezer and use them to make broth. This recipe takes a ton of broth, so having homemade really helps.

Spiced butternut squash salad with lentils and goat cheese - love this salad and you can easily do most of the prep on Sunday if you need a super quick weeknight option.

Cashew nut chicken and saag - I made a triple batch of sauce last time and then froze it with the chicken broth, so this will be super easy this month. I didn't love the saag recipe that I used last month, so I'm thinking about trying this one (minus the tofu, since I just need a side dish).

Salmon kabayaki (+ broccoli) - new recipe. I tend to shy away from cooking fish because it's expensive and I'm always nervous that I'll mess it up and waste it. And it goes bad so quickly in the fridge that it doesn't work well when I only grocery shop on the weekends. But I impulse purchased a bag of frozen salmon fillets from Costco, so I need to get over it.

Sweet potato and black bean chili - a very reliable way to use up all the odds and ends from spiralizing sweet potatoes.


  1. I like your posts a lot. :) Thanks for sharing. I will be trying the enchilada soup now since you so highly recommend it.

  2. I haven't tried this yet, but maybe it's the one? http://food52.com/blog/16555-the-quest-for-the-easiest-tastiest-palak-paneer

    1. Oh, that does look good! Maybe I'll audition that one next. I think the only thing that would drive me nuts is that it calls for 4 tsp of tomato sauce. What do they expect you to do with the rest of the can?! Maybe you could sub tomato paste instead? I tend to have a small jar of that in the fridge frequently.


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