Tuesday, April 5, 2016


So I owe you a March meal planning wrap up, plus an April meal planning post but what I have is a couple of photos of absolutely nothing important, so I guess we're going with that instead.

Sunday stock up

ceramics display

oatmeal cookies again

I'm behind on being an adult right now.

Things I need to do (rather urgently): 
Our taxes (we still have a few days - !!!)
Changing our car registration (I remember we need to do this every day as I drive home, but forget by the time I'm in the house - fail)
Take Circe to the vet so she doesn't get rabies (meaning, we're a month overdue for her vaccine and I feel worse about this one than the others, although it's less likely to have legal consequences)

Things I needed to do that I actually did: 
Meal planning (post soon)
Grocery shopping
House cleaning

Things I have done instead of the things I need to be doing: 
Baked a lot of those oatmeal cookies
Ate a lot of oatmeal cookies
Went a week without eating oatmeal cookies (or sugar) so I could prove it was possible
Read a lot of books (post soon)
Spent untold amounts of time trying to convince* the pigeons that are roosting in the eaves above our kitchen window to roost somewhere else so I can open my kitchen windows again, goddamnit

And that's where I'm at.

* I was putting up with it for a few weeks because they had a nest and I was worried there were babies in there, but this weekend they decided they were done with their nest and dumped it all over the driveway (no babies, thank god) and I decided that it was time for them to pack up and poop somewhere else, preferably away from the area in which I cook since I'm tired of having to keep my windows closed all the time. I read that pigeons are trainable and so I'm trying to train them by keeping a water gun outside and squirting them with water every time I catch them roosting up there. So far, results are mixed but my gun arm is getting very sore.


  1. Thank you for the reminder that I hadn't actually finished my taxes. Now they are done! And if you are using the computer at home, let me return the favor: change the car registration :)

  2. Do you know where those stackable bowls and plates can be purchased?
    Look forward to your book post. Thank you.

    1. Looks like Logan stacking bowls/plates at Crate and Barrel. Look nice, practical and functional, hope they don't chip easily, hope to purchase in the future.

    2. Hi, Eliz! They're actually the Stax Living plates and bowls from Macy's. They were really inexpensive (especially with Macy's sales) and we love them. We've had them for almost five years now and not a single one has chipped.

  3. Do you listen to podcasts? Surprisingly Awesome just had an episode on Pigeons. You might find it interesting, but will still probably want them to poop somewhere else:)


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