Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You can't take it with you (or at least not all of it)

I would like to say that I'm above material concerns but I have to tell you that downsizing has been giving me some major headaches. Our new place is smaller, for reasons that I'll explain when I have more time, but basically, $$ + location - actually, that explains it fairly well.

I have to convince myself to give up some things and while the excess furniture is heading straight to Craigslist and the more random bits and pieces are going to the thrift store, there are some things that give me bigger pangs.

dyed napkins
{dyed napkins}

I've been hoarding our wedding napkins because I can't quite bear to give them up. Not so much because they are from our wedding but because they are really nice cotton napkins and they're pretty and we hand dyed those suckers and what if I needed to throw a really, really big party? Yes, that means I have had over 100 lovingly washed and pressed napkins in my closet for the last two years. Several dozen have made it into circulation in our house, but try as I might, I can't justify holding onto the rest of them anymore.

pink napkin
{pink napkin pocket folded - photo from our wonderful wedding photog, melissa of happy confetti}

UPDATE - All the napkins are sold, thanks guys! So if you happen to be in the napkin market, I'm letting these go. I'm selling them in sets of four (choose between blue sorry, all gone!, pink or yellow sorry, all gone!) for $20, domestic shipping* is included. These are not fine linen napkins! They are heavy duty, thick cotton that absorbs really well and will hold up over time, even with daily use. No two napkins are exactly the same, since we hand dyed them. You can see the tutorial on how we made them along with some pictures of them in action right here, if you're curious.

wedding napkins
{wedding napkins}

Because they are dyed in a stripey pattern, they will look completely different if you fold them differently. You can play around with them to see where you like the stripes.

napkins hanging
{napkins hanging}

Nothing fussy as far as care instructions go. I just wash ours with the rest of our laundry, which means warm water and tumble dry on high. I don't like to iron everyday napkins so I give them a good snap to shake them out as I transfer them from the laundry to the dryer and then fold them while they're still hot to minimize wrinkling. I'll tuck a little card with care instructions in each set, in case you'd like to give them as gifts.

If you're interested, send me an email at rachel.heartoflight@gmail.com and let me know what color you'd like so I can set it up. I have these all wrapped up and tucked aside in their own box and I'll be keeping them close and shipping them out as I get requests, so they'll arrive quickly. I just want them to go to good homes.

Let's not even talk about my cake stands. Or my enormous supply of stationary. Or the Gocco + assorted inks. I have decision fatigue.

* International readers, you know I love you! It's just that with the craziness of the move I don't have time to jump through the customs declaration hoops at the post office. I'm so sorry! If you'd really love a set and you're willing to wait another week, email me and we'll work something out.



  2. I've thought a lot about my ideal home, and I've realized that all I really want is a giant and open kitchen area --- enough to seat 30, if I try hard enough. And forget an office, I want a room to keep all my extra platters, napkins, cake stands, canning jars, bottles, crafting supplies, all of it, complete with a big table in the center for extra prep space. Forget a "master suite," the room needs to be just big enough for a bed. :)

  3. Hi I would really really love a set each of the pink and yellow-they are just class!!:) love them but I'm in Ireland:( I'm happy to wait til u get yourself sorted- have my Xmas napkins already out lol!!let me know

  4. I'm getting married next year and our colours are white and yellow. The unfortunate thing is that I live in Australia. I'll wait a week and see how you go.

    On a side note, if you ever want to sell your cake stands...I'd be happy to help you out! But I hope it doesn't come to that!

  5. Insanely jealous you have a gocco! i've been lusting after one for a couple of years!

  6. omg, it was sooo hard to get rid of all the headbands and hats i made as prototypes for the shop. but i ended up giving them to the little girls at my church, and i'm always pleased when they wear them proudly to church. they are getting much more use out of them than when they were shoved in my closet. proud of you! keep it going!

  7. So LOVELY! So sad that you have to let them go but I'm sure they'll find some lovely homes.

  8. I'm interested in stationery if you decide to pare down! :)

  9. Hi Rachel, can I ask where your plates are from? I love them!

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi, Bec! They are these really inexpensive Stax plates! Don't buy them if they aren't on sale, because they go on sale regularly. We've had them for a few years and we're really happy with them. We just have the plates in both sizes + the bowls, not the mugs.

  10. Rachel, you always inspire me to really move my butt and realise my crafty dreams / project. We have just signed our agreement of sales papers today for our future dreamy apartment and I hope we'll be just as organised as you were with your moving! Not an easy feat trying to move out from a fifth floor Parisian apartment with tiny spiral staircase! Good luck with everything and have a blessed Christmas!!


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