Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

The morning of Thanksgiving D and I woke up early and started talking leisurely and then suddenly realized that December 7th was not, in fact, two weeks away, it was one week away. Which meant we needed to get our apartment ready for 14 dinner guests and then immediately start breaking everything down so we could move. Oh, and we should probably reserve a moving truck or something. And maybe figure out what the actual address is at our new apartment? 

dough rising, tea waiting
{dough rising, tea waiting}

pile of veggies
{pile of veggies}

sweet potatoes
{sweet potatoes}

mushrooms, pile of
{mushrooms, pile of}

bread cubes
{bread cubes}

setting the table
{setting the table}

pre guest drinks
{pre guest drinks}


desserts, thanksgiving 2013
{desserts, thanksgiving 2013}

food, thanksgiving 2013
{food, thanksgiving 2013}

Yes, this is the least well thought out move we've ever made, but I'm about 95% certain we'll survive. And we were able to let it go and just enjoy the holiday.

I find Thanksgiving cooking therapeutic and this year I even attempted to make notes for some of our non-recipes. I worked in the kitchen and D and his brother rearranged the apartment and figured out lighting and then all of a sudden our families were there and we had the usual last minute craziness as we tried to figure out how to get everything to the table more or less warm. (Note - this never actually happens, but it's a valiant fight.)

It was the largest Thanksgiving we've had yet (by a smidge) and we had to reverse the layout of our apartment in order to accommodate a table long enough for everyone. We moved our living room furniture to the dining room area, which meant our guests had to edge past the table in order to get in the front door, but no one complained. Rather than having card tables, we have a couple of inexpensive Ikea tabletops that are the same width as our dining room table and legs that we store disassembled and bring out for large dinners. As I type that I realize that card tables would probably be more convenient, but this works.

It was a really, really good one, and I feel lucky. We have the usual family quirks and annoyances and stressors but I'm truly grateful that everyone loves each other and that when we get together like this we are truly happy to be with each other. That makes up for a lot.


  1. You are super on top of things so you may already have this figured out, but we moved two weeks ago and I'm finally learning how to move like an adult and not a college student after moving like, 9 times in 6 years. May I recommend: Pure Movers - super affordable, nice dudes who came with a truck and muscles and completely changed my mind about how movers are for rich lazy people. I'll never go back. And! rent green boxes! We've used RePax twice and I love them. Tracking down cardboard boxes is my least favorite thing ever and it forces you to pack and unpack quickly and efficiently. And because they're plastic it's safer on breakables.

    Ok, the end! Good luck!! Are you eastside bound??

    1. I think you are probably SO RIGHT. We are moving to a smaller place and trying to convince ourselves that means it's totally reasonable to save the money and do it ourselves but I think we're probably crazy. Thank you for the recs! I might be leaning this way, assuming we aren't too late to hire anyone/rent boxes anyways. Gah.

      And we are moving eastside-ish! We found a cute but tiny place in Los Feliz that is dog friendly and cheap and we jumped on it.

  2. Oh wow! Your thanksgiving looked amazing! Gosh, tell me the secret about moving and not stressing/planning about it b/c I feel like I'm going crazy w/ my upcoming move.

    1. Oh, if I had a secret, I would share it! We started freaking out the second Thanksgiving was over. Currently we are trying to at least take turns hyperventilating. BUT, my only secret is to continually remind us that this craziness will only last two weeks and anyone can survive anything for two weeks, so we should stop complaining and just get it done (this only works sometimes).

      Good luck with the move!!

  3. Hi Rachel! Our Thanksgiving looked a lot like yours:) Ditto on the last-minute rush to get everything "warm" to the table. I always feel like I'm in control until that last moment when I'm freaking out and ordering everyone out of the kitchen. Our wedding two Saturdays ago went off with only two big hitches -- pregnant bridesmaid forbidden to fly by doctors; and rain forced us inside - in Palm Springs - what?! But apart from that everything was amazing and wonderful. And - the streamer background / photobooth was a HUGE hit and it made me so happy to be able to leaf through that album immediately. So - thanks again! Good luck with the move. You'll manage, I know it. I've been in Los Feliz for over 8 years now and I love it!

  4. Hi Rachel,
    I really enjoy your blog. I live in the LA area, and used The Small Delivery Company a couple of years ago. They were the lowest quote we got and were absolutely amazing (5 stars and 165 reviews on Yelp sold us on them).
    Good luck with the move!
    We made your cranberry margaritas and they were a hit.

    1. I should also mention we had more than a 'lightly furnished' one bedroom (more like heavily furnished...) and everything fit!

  5. Still really really really love your sideboard.

    1. Thanks, Kaitlin! It is coming with us in this move but we're going to have to pretend it's an entertainment unit for a while. I think it'll transition.

  6. It's no longer Thanksgiving, but I think I'm going to make a giant pile of veggies for myself. That looks delicious.

  7. looks gorgeous! i love the tall taper candles. i'm deadly afraid that sisi will burn her face off, but once she's a bit older i will totally use them. i'm so used to being told by wedding venues that they are not allowed, so now they are like a forbidden fruit ;)


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