Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The weekend, briefly

smoked glass at mas malo, d's 30th
{smoked glass at màs malo}

pinata smash, d's 30th birthday
{piñata smash}

mas malo mezzanine, d's 30th birthday
{màs malo mezzanine}

d, d's 30th birthday
{birthday boy}

d's 30th birthday
{d's 30th}

party hat from otaat
{grown up party hat! from otaat}

D turned 30 last week. We're both birthday shy and D in particular almost never does anything because this time of year is so crazy. But I couldn't let a milestone pass by without comment, so I ignored both our anxieties and threw the easiest party ever. I reserved the mezzanine for happy hour at one of our favorite downtown restaurants and pre-ordered appetizers for everyone. I resisted the urge to do ANYTHING. No decorations, no details, no attempt to micromanage the playlist. I've never been so hands off and it was initially nerve wracking but I'm so glad we did it. Being surrounded by friends is a good way to usher in a new decade. And if anyone deserves a celebration, it's D. I love this guy.


  1. I threw a birthday in a reserved room at a bar once-- for myself!-- and it truly was the easiest thing ever. It makes people feel festive to go *out* for a birthday. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. wow! the space in that restaurant looks so rad...

  3. That is an excellent way to throw a party!

  4. This sounds perfect. I'm just a few...I mean a couple...ugh, I'm close to 30, and though I don't tread it it seems there's this sort of stigma. I just hope to spend it with people I love.

  5. Only just catching up on blobs - happy belated to D! Sounds like it was the perfect way to celebrate.


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