Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The weekend (very) briefly

We drove over 300 miles this weekend. Back and forth from the desert, through fog and rain, then on the 405, in bright sunshine, all over Orange County.

back roads
{back roads}

I know I should mind it, being a rather zealous public transit person, but I do love all the various California roadways, under the right conditions.

We had a big family party and lots of little visits here and there (including one to Miss Circe, who had surgery to remove an enormous lipoma a week and a half ago and is recovering like the little stoic she is - the only clue that she was slightly under the weather was her uncharacteristic willingness to cuddle in full daylight) and I didn't really take any other pictures. Sometimes it works out that way.


  1. Sometimes it works out that way indeed, because one is too busy enjoying riding in the car through golden California light instead of snapping away on the camera. WELL DONE, lady. Hugs (if she'll accept them) to Circe.

  2. i've always been fascinated my dirt roads :)

  3. Perfect!


  4. frustrated and thought you might understand. can't find mahlepi for my easter bread! too late to order it online. thought i hit paydirt when a very small, out of the way greek restauranter had a dusty cannister of seed form. when i got them home, they were stale, old and painfully bitter. thanks for listening. love the dirt road. kathi


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