Friday, April 6, 2012

Purchases - boring ones (+ flowers!)

Purchases are below - be prepared. They really are mind numbingly boring, but I'm trying to stick to this.

palest pink
{palest pink ranunculus}

I'm not totally clear on where I draw the line here, so I'm giving you everything. I'm sure no one really wants to hear about my shower caddy, but I did purchase it.

Shower caddy ($8.99 @ Ross). I did not take a picture of it, because I don't really want you all to see how long it's been since I last scrubbed my shower.

Pillowcases - we always seem to destroy our pillowcases faster than our sheets and we need a few extra. These Oxford ones from Land's End are pretty sweet. Heavy + durable + NOT silky. I hate sateen.

Clear nail polish - Height of boring-ness, but I needed it. I've pretty much sworn off purchasing actual nail polish other than for my toes. I was accumulating nail polishes at a rate that didn't make sense given how often I paint my nails. I've finally decided that if I want painted nails, I'll suck it up and pay for a manicure or a polish change. In an attempt to extend my rare manicures, I've been using this Essie's No Chips Ahead for a couple weeks now (side benefit to being really behind on my purchases is that you also get reviews!) and I have to say I don't love it. I think it does something weird to my manicure (which is odd, because if my nails are painted, it's usually with Essie polish) and dulls it out. It does prevent chips, but it makes my nails look terrible. I'm bummed that I apparently purchased the wrong thing and now need to find something else.

Annnnnd ... Ikea stuff. Final product to be shared shortly.

In the meantime, we bought:
2 besta cabinets (one from the as-is section - score!)
3 besta doors
2 suspension rails

Non-Ikea but same project - 2 lengths of walnut from a local lumberyard


  1. Not boring, and those flowers are anything BUT boring. Only my favorite! And in that shade of pink, lovely :)

  2. seche vite, fast dry top coat. you can buy it at target. it's the best.

  3. can't wait to see what the project is. and a beautiful flower is never boring.

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous!

    OPIs chip prevention coat is supposed to be good, I keep meaning to pick it up

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  5. Ah, yes. Money spent on pink sparkle nail polish for Valentine's day would probably have been better spent on a manicure. Live and learn and paint nails with sparkles on February 14 for the next 5 years. Also: v. intrigued by the walnut purchase. Sounds wonderful.

  6. I am brand new to your blog (came here from Pancakes and French Fries) and had to chime on about the sheets. I too hate sateen cotton sheets - percale is the only way to go in my opinion. Glad to hear the LE ones are nice - I need another set and will try those.

  7. The Rock topcoat. I swear it's made of steel. You can buy it at Sally beauty supply.

  8. for some reason, that wasn't boring. i read and enjoyed every word :)

  9. I'm excited to hear about the Besta project! I love those cabinets...and I'm curious to see what you make of them.

  10. such beautiful flowers. I´m exited!

    Much love

  11. Gorgeous flowers! Sounds like you're doing a floating faux-denza?

  12. I bought a Essie top coat of some sorts (not sure which one) and I don't really like it either!! it takes forever to dry!! sad cause I usually really love all Essie products!

  13. Re: top coat, the only one you need is Seche Vite! It's on the expensive side, but it is GOOD. as in, you can go to bed immediately after using it and not end up with sheet marks on your nails. I recently started also using their "ridge filling" base coat and it's like magic. I've had at-home manicures last for close to two weeks using seche under and over my color polish. :)

  14. try Rimmel!!! it's a drugstore brand and i've found that their polishes, as well as their clear top coat, are awesome. i reapply the top coat every 3 days or so to a mani or pedi and it reglosses it up, fixing any dullness and keeps it lasting longer than ever. get the ones in the SQUARE bottle. they also have an awesome brush - flat and wide.

  15. in defense of hoarding nail polish, which i seem unable to stop doing (though, er, most of it is free! i've only bought like three bottles!), i do like bringing my own bottle with me when i get a manicure. one knows one's definitely getting the straight stuff (some manicurists thin their polish to make it last longer) and, more to the point in my life, anyway, one can repair chips as they happen and increase the mani's life span.

    on top coats (can you tell i spent the morning on our annual manicure bible at the magazine?), our beauty editors swear by daby nail hardener, which functions as both an industrial-strength top coat and, per the name, actually hardens your nails.

    yours in mutual admiration of essie's smoky greys,

  16. I've been using Essie's version of a quick-dry topcoat and it really brightens up whatever polish I've used. I don't know what I did before quick-dry, it's a busy girl's worst nightmare waiting for polish to dry! :) Those ranunculs(es?) are just gorgeous.

  17. Hi Rachel,
    I would love to contact you but my automatic email is not set up to be able to use your Drop Me a Line button on this blog. Can't seem to find your email address anywhere! If you could please let me know your email here or send me a direct email at: it would be really appreciated!
    Serendipity Corner is based in Australia and we're about to launch our website - i would love to feature one of your tutorials! You can visit our Facebook page here:

  18. personally i love Sally Hansen's Mega Shine top coat, it's nice and shiny and works really well for me. i find i need to apply every second day though, cos i am really tough on my nails.

  19. I've recently become obsessed with nail polish so I can sympathize with the wrong polish situation. ;-D

    I've discovered that the secret to a long-lasting manicure is a good basecoat and topcoat. You need to use a good basecoat even if you're painting your nails with clear polish.

    My absolute favorites are:
    Orly Bonder (rubberized basecoat),default,pd.html
    Seche Vite (fast-dry, high gloss topoat)

    If I use both of these (and thin even coats of whatever colored polish I choose), my manicures last a week or more with no chips.

  20. those flowers are gorgeous!


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