Thursday, January 5, 2012

The in between week

D and I both got to take most of the week off and it was amazing. I realized we really haven't had that much time together in years. Guess what? We still like each other.

We started it off at home in LA, doing some damage at the Barney's sale, stopping in at APC (where I just browse because while I love looking at their stuff, it all looks terrible on me), eating at ink.sack (liked it, but didn't loooove it).

ink sack
{ink sack}

We had a mini-post-Christmas gingerbread house party, which is slightly heretical (how do you know when you are allowed to eat it?!), but mostly low key and fun.

mini gb house party 2011
{mini gb house party 2011}


I got our thank yous written and posted. Love the holiday stamp design this year - should have remembered to stock up now that I think about it. We never got around to doing Christmas cards this year, so I only bought a couple panes of stamps.

thank yous, out
{thank yous, out}

We snuck away for a night down in San Diego. We initially intended to make it a single day - we were just going to see a museum exhibit* so we didn't bother booking a hotel room. But we were late getting out and decided it was easier to stick around and see the second part of the exhibit** the next day. Things fell into place. Jamie had sent us some sweet recommendations and we found a hotel in the general vicinity (only to realize that we'd stayed at that exact hotel 6 years ago! weird.) and cabbed it over to North Park and made the most of a full night out. I think we hit every bar on 30th St. It was excellent.

light exhibit!
{light exhibit!}

30th st ipa from green flash
{30th st ipa from green flash}

30th st, san diego
{30th st, san diego}

* The exhibit was SO GOOD. It's only open till January 22nd, but you should go if you can. I don't have any pictures because it was against the rules and I'm terrified of being reprimanded by museum guards, but they wouldn't do it justice anyways. Full room installations, gorgeous cast resin pieces, super interactive. Loved.

** I love a good museum but I have about a 1.5 hour tolerance, max. Which means I can either look at a special exhibit or part of a permanent collection, but never both in one day. Splitting up the exhibits usually works best for  me. D will happily spend an entire vacation in various museums. We generally solve the issue on vacations by me sleeping in late while D visits a museum each morning. Later day joint museum visits are carefully planned around food/drink stops.


  1. hah! i feel the same way about museums. and the need for carefully planned food/drink stops.

  2. i love museums, and would visit one every week if i could... but that's definitely because i have a short tolerance for them once i'm in them, too :) what we need are museum passes!

  3. north park is my most favorite place to go when i visit my parents in san diego -- bummed i didn't know about the exhibit while i was home for christmas!

  4. Your Photos are so great! The colours, the light - I love your hole blog!
    Thanks for the little US-holidays I get everytime i come along...:-)

    best wishes from germany

    jule ♥

  5. Looks like you had a great week! I love the time period inbetween Christmas and New Years.

  6. Impromptu SD trip! FUN! You guys are so adorable. I love that when you and D go out you REALLY. GO. OUT. That's my style, ladypants.

    I've bookmarked that show- looks like some of the works will stay on view until the early spring! Yay!

    Sending big hugs. xoxo

  7. I was just discussing my 1-2 hour threshold for museum exhibits with a friend yesterday. I get burnt out fast, but I still love going too.

  8. Glad to know you both still like each other lol. Looks like you had a nice mini vacation =)

    - Sarah

  9. I too love museums, but I get cranky and get into a weird head space after a while. Your gingerbread houses are stunning, and you're making me want to go buy some stamps! Any recommendations on where to get good ones online?

  10. I am so glad to see you had a fun, restful new year! I have always wanted to visit that part of San Diego and now I know I must next time the opportunity presents itself. I looked through that link and it looks like there are good deals too. :)

    xx Jen

  11. Lovely photographs.. the gingerbread house in photo 3 looks delicious! Have a great day!

    XX Hilary

  12. Sounds like you made the most of your time off! Hubby and I are the opposite of the two of you.. I can spend an entire day in a really good museum, but hubster can only tolerate at most a couple of hours. Will have to remember your method of breaking up the time and providing incentive in the way of food and tasty beverages.

  13. @ Meg - Yes, museum passes! The nice thing about the San Diego MCA is that your tickets lasts for a week. I think this is because their space is split up into three locations, but it works so well and made it easy for us to divide up the trip.

    @ Roseann - I just realized that the stamp reference might be a little confusing because I have postage stamps and also our address stamp in the picture! The postage stamps were just the USPS holiday choice this year, I picked them up at the post office. The address stamp is one that I designed for our holiday cards last year. I love coming up with designs for rubber stamps, so we have a few options on hand. The one I use for holidays has a nice little wreath on it.

  14. Looks like and amazing week!! Love your pictures, as always.

  15. What a great time off... I have the same museum tolerance as you - and my husband likes to read every informational plaque in the place. I people watch and read a book. Sleeping in is a better idea!

  16. I love it out in San Diego.. lovely photos and blog! You've got a new follower! xo

  17. I love the mini gb house party 2011...

    Lovely Idea

  18. You are experiencing the very common "Museum Fatigue". Your mind (and your feet!) can only handle so much a time. Most people max out at 1.5 hours - so you are doing a good thing by splitting your visit up! Now I really want to go to SanDiego!


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