Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, briefly

Our Christmas is always fairly hectic, as we attempt to maximize family time and minimize mileage.  I was typically lax about documenting much of the actual merriment, but managed to capture a few quiet moments.

egg nog, homemade, with bourbon
{egg nog, homemade, with bourbon}


circe feet
{circe feet}


cookies, sees
{cookies, see's}

czech santas
{czech santas}

wrapped and ready
{wrapped and ready}

holiday tea
{holiday tea}

:: Notes:: 

I took a cue from Erin and made time for homemade eggnog on our last night at home. I baked those cookies two more times. I bought See's*. We loaded up the car and saw two families on Christmas Eve and two more on Christmas Day. I made our savory bread pudding** in both veg and bacon laden versions.  I woke up Christmas morning with a pile of pups. I drank holiday tea with real cream. We finished off tired and sated and ready for a couple days of sleep.

* We are second generation Californians, therefore we eat See's on holidays - it's mandatory, I'm pretty sure. My personal fave is the rum nougat and happily I have no competition because everyone else thinks it's grandma chocolate.

** It's become a Christmas day tradition and for good reason. I can put it together the night before, put it in the oven whenever and we can eat it hot or cold.


  1. Oh I am bookmarking that bread pudding recipe for next year - sounds awesome. And I love dishes that can be prepared in advance. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Happy new year!

  2. I made a savory bread pudding for dinner as well. It's such an easy option when everything else seems to be getting too complicated and overworked. And the fact that it can be made the night before just makes it a no brainer. I'll have to try your version sometime.

  3. Those little puppy feet just warm my heart. I'm also excited to try that homemade eggnog recipe!

  4. Looks like a wonderful holiday. I can't get enough of that pic of the puppy feet, just too precious

  5. wish i had made that eggnog now!beautiful pics, happy new year

  6. I wasn't missing Christmas one little bit until I read this. And, I wouldn't say that I'm missing Christmas now, but I think I'll be happy to see it rear its lovely head in 11 and a half months.

  7. I thought I was the only person who liked rum nougats!! We get several boxes of See's during Christmas time and I eat every single rum nougat!

  8. i get so excited everytime i get a box of see's candies. especially the nut and chew variety! did you know when you go into the store, they give you free samples? it was like heaven. :) happy new year!

  9. Agreed. Third generation Californian and See's is a tradition for Christmas and my grandparents' birthday. The toffettes are my favorite. Happy New Year, Rachel!

  10. I've yet to truly embrace eggnog (I seriously think it's because it has egg in the name... I know... I'm ridiculous) but I think if I made it myself I could be convinced to like it.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  11. eww, rum nougat is the grandma one ;) as a kid, we fought over the bordeaux flavor, but now in my late 20's i tend to like the nuts and chews and butterscotch squares. don't you hate it when they give you the one chocolate you hate as a sample? haha. btw, wonder if i could make a paleo version of eggnog! long comment. see you next week!!!

  12. I just LOVE those cute puppy feet!!!

  13. Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! And I love the pictures of the puppies' feet. It is so cute. Actually I love all your photos, they seem to capture the moment perfectly.

  14. Sounds lovely! Love the Czech Santas! I'm part Czech.

  15. Third generation Californians here - and See's makes it's presence at Thankgiving, Christmas, and New Years with a 2 lb box each.

    Way too much candy. :) But sooo good!

  16. Just found your these pictures! So cozy.

  17. so glad you made the egg nog! and now you've given me a hankering for bread pudding. even trade.

  18. Looks like you had a very memorable holiday! Loved the pictures of your pups-- too cute! :)

  19. We had a hectic family-filled Christmas as well. I would love to make homemade eggnog (how fun), I haven't had it in year! I am a true lover of See's but haven't had any since I moved (can you believe it?!). I absolutely adore the photos of your pups, I need to capture my puppies like that (thank you for the photo inspiration).
    xx Jen

  20. aw, miss see's candy! i grew up in california + remember as a kiddo, standing in line with my mom during the holidays + always getting the lollypops. you've inspired me to make homeade eggnog next year!

  21. I saw the See's and I knew I had to leave a comment. We don't have See's in Canada, but I've been lucky enough to get my hands on 'em now & then. I haven't had them in years! My favourite was this particular kind that sort of had a maple taste. Wish I could remember what they were called. So delicious!
    Those white cookie balls I see on a plate full of holiday goodies look an awful lot like my favourite Christmas cookies, "Russian Tea Balls". My recipe can be found here (
    Just found your blog via Please Note; happy I popped over!


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