Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiny tip - perfect graham cracker crust

I find graham cracker crusts to be much more daunting than regular pie crusts. I didn't grow up making them, but D's favorite pie is key lime with graham cracker crust so at least once a year I try my best.

This year I came up with a new method. You just dump most of your mixture in a glass pie plate, then take a second pie plate (we have an aluminum one lying around that now I know to never return) and smoosh it down on top. Apply pressure to pack the crumbs down. With the pie plate still firmly in place, add additional crumbs to the gap in the top edges and use your finger to tamp them down.

graham cracker crust
{graham cracker crust in process}

There's no picture of the finished product (because we dove in before I could get one) but it was the best looking crumb crust I've ever made.

Graham Cracker Crust (from an old recipe pamphlet my family uses)
* 1 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs (a bit less than half a box of graham crackers)
* 1/4 cup sugar
* 6 tbs butter, melted

I toss the graham crackers and the sugar in the food processor and pulse until I get fine crumbs. Then I add in the butter and pulse until it is combined. Make into a crust as described above. Bake at 355 F for 8 - 10 minutes.


  1. i would give just about anything for a pie made with graham cracker's just sooo much better than regular ones. sadly i know i would just butcher it if i tried to use the crumbly little cookies.

  2. They're one of my favorite crusts too :) I hope he liked the pie!

  3. i wish i had a food processor... i'd make pie today! i'm scared to crush all those graham crackers by hand :)
    i'll find a way! thanks for the recipe
    xo meg

  4. Meg-I have a food processor but I always use my trusty rolling pin anyway for crushing graham crackers. Then you can scoop them right up with a spatula.

  5. yum yum! i love key lime with graham cracker crust, too! my crust is always ugly & crumbly, but it tastes good... which is what counts. :) xo

  6. I also use a rolling pin for the crackers. but you're so right, the perfect crisp crust is a must for key lime or lemon icebox pie.

  7. Awesome idea-I love baking and am always looking for good ideas. Your blog is full of them :)

  8. I love chocolate graham cracker crusts! Great tip!

  9. I did this with my smore's cupcakes- I put some crumbs in the cupcake tin, smooshed them with the bottom of a glass, and poured the batter over it. I'm so not a baker so I'm excited that I did something cool.

  10. I think no extant photo is the mark of a good dessert!

  11. Think you can post the Key Lime Pie recipe?? It's my absolute favorite!!

  12. this is a beautifully ingeniuous idea. Way to go!


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