Monday, January 4, 2010

The holidays, briefly

So ... "sporadic posting" became a complete blog fast and as much as I missed everyone, it was a nice little break.

And it was so incredibly busy.

There was Christmas...

reindeer candelabra
{reindeer candelabra}

orange, silver
{orange, silver}

holiday bounty
{holiday bounty}

Followed by a week of relaxation and recuperation (and quite a bit of obsessive organization) ...

the day after
{the day after}

paper punch, tags
{paper punch, tags}


A festive New Year's Eve at home ...

new year's eve table
{New Year's Eve table}

And a lovely lie in, followed by a late breakfast, the next day.

new year's breakfast
{New Year's breakfast}

It's back to work and back to normal for us. D and I had a (scheduled) strategy session yesterday afternoon, to revise the budget and think about goals for the upcoming year. Yep, we're dorky.


  1. i think it's fab that you & d schedule those sessions. it may seem really structured but can really set the tone for being focused and successful! my beau and i do this, but more along the lines of stratgegizing for my small creative business & the two events we're lauching this year! it's so great to have a partner in crime. ;)

  2. that holiday bounty looks amazing, as does the rest of the food!

  3. Where did you find the reindeer candelbra from ?

    I love it!

  4. my favorite combination of things: organizing, candles, and cookies. glad to have you back!

  5. Happy New Year! I did quite a bit of organizing myself - all in hopes of a brighter, more successful new year! Glad you had such a restful set of holidays - that new year's eve table is divine!

  6. I love that you're having a strategy session! Your photos are beautiful. It looks like you had the loveliest break!

    Happy New Year!

  7. looks like a perfect start to the new year!

  8. Strategy session = brilliant.

    Happy new year, lovely Rachel! The new year's eve table looks splendid.

  9. oh i love your new years eve table with all the candles!!

  10. Organizing and planning sessions are the best! Sounds like a great week.

  11. Strategy sessions like that are completely necessary, if you ask me. We're about due for one.

    I love your New Year's table! Mismatched glass "vases" and lots of candles - lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed some time away from the blog, but I'm also glad to see you back. =)

  12. I love the reindeer candelabra! It brings back memories of my youngest sister's wedding. She used this as part of the centerpiece on the table the wedding party was sitting at. What a fun, unexpected flashback! :)

  13. What kind of things do you plan in your strategy sessions?

  14. love the new years eve table! the jars with candles makes for a wonderful and romantic centerpiece!

  15. I like your New Year's Eve jars.

    And your bacon sammich.

  16. Oooh, I love the combination of orange and gray (er, or orange and silver). Nice!

  17. I'm fond of being dork - are those martha punches? I looked at some yesterday and wondered if they are nice.

    I'm making the plunge into art journals - i think.

  18. looks like a lovely holiday :)
    i so need to organize, too!
    happy new year....

  19. Sapphire - the reindeer candelabra are from Pottery Barn and they are pricey but last forever. Check Craigslist if you're interested - I saw a set up yesterday for about a third of the retail price.

    Anonymous - we strategize about lots of things - world domination, starting our own TV show, writing a book. But this was mostly about how we are going to manage to cook meals on a regular basis this year and how much money we want to save vs. spend. You have to start with the small things.

  20. Char - they are Martha punches! I give her an A+ for design, but I'm actually annoyed by the direction of the "thanks" punch. You can't punch along the bottom of something, only along the top, which I find limiting. I'm not sure how they could have resolved it though, because I've never seen a punch that will work from both sides.

  21. Your blog is beautiful and has made me so hungry!

  22. You just do everything so well. :)

    happy new year to you & D!!!!!

  23. i love that you have boxes of pancake molds! J :)

  24. you really do do everything so well. it's always beautiful around here.

    ps. we had a 2010 budget session too! it was fun.


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