Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The weekend, briefly



lazy afternoon
{lazy afternoon}

baby girl
{baby girl}

I had a pretty productive weekend. We had D's little brother up so I made pancakes for us. I'm still looking for the perfect buttermilk-esque pancake recipe. I usually use this one (subbing lemon juice for the vinegar) but this weekend I had buttermilk so I tried a new one. They're both great, not sure that one is better than the other. I might keep testing.

The boys went to FYF fest and I settled in for a marathon closet session. More on that later - it's something I've been putting off for months. After six solid hours of work I stopped and spent the rest of the evening watching Scandal and drinking rosé and trying to convince Circe to be social. She's mostly only interested in snuggling at night and she prefers to spend most of the day alone in the closet in our bedroom (I know, she's a weird one). 


  1. I've been looking for the perfect pancake recipe myself - I'm gonna try one of these next weekend. My little toddler has already discovered that pancakes is the best thing ever, so we make them every weekend :)

  2. I've tried both you linked to, and they were OK. The best I've tasted is the Martha Stewart ones. Impossibly soft and light, like pillows. That sort of texture isn't for everyone, but my family loves them.

    1. I'll try that one too, Jules! I'm honestly not sure if pillowy is what I'm going for or not. If I'm going buttermilk I like them to be fluffy and thick, which is probably pillowy?

  3. I have what is actually the best pancake recipe- I can say that because it's my best friend's family recipe, and I had nothing to do with its creation. I'll send you an email with it right now!

    (I never email strangers, even when I have been devoted to their blogs for years. This pancake recipe, however, is so good that it would be a shame not to share it.)

  4. http://kottke.org/09/10/the-worlds-best-pancake-recipe

  5. Smitten Kitchen's buttermilk pancake recipe has been my go-to - you can add blueberries, chocolate chips, anything really. I've even pre-mixed the dry ingredients to make my own "pancake" mix to take on vacations.

  6. I feel spoiled opening my blog reader and seeing three posts from you. This totally belongs on your other post but have you seen the website into-mind.com Its about refining your closet (similar to unfancy) but lays it out in flow charts and work books. I think you'd like it


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