Thursday, July 10, 2014

And so it goes ...

As soon as I had that first planter hung I started thinking about two more. I wanted something that would balance the first one, which is pretty intricate, so I decided to go both simpler and smaller.

planter trio
{planter trio}

We're still adjusting the heights (and I am really sad that I didn't have brass rings and brass chain, so that everything is totally matching) but I think it's going to be good.

I didn't work with a tutorial for these. I knew I wanted brass incorporated in both and I knew I wanted to try out a tripod style for one. I just messed around with them a bit and because there are so few knots they came together really quickly. The bowls are from the same line as the larger white one, also from Sunset Nursery. I used all cotton cord again but a much thinner one. D picked up the brass rods at the hardware store.

For the one on the left I just used a length of brass rod and threaded the cord through it.

brass rod
{brass rod}

The one on the right was a little more complicated, but I basically just threaded the strands through the three pieces and then threaded some clear fishing line through to make the triangle a little sturdier.

brass triangle
{brass triangle}

But maybe just a little dessert bowl sized one should be floating in the back, closer to the wall? I think I'm just making up excuses now.

Just ignore the fact that we're apparently never going to get around to hanging any more of our artwork.


  1. Have you thought of spray painting the chains? To give the illusion of all brass? Just a thought (no idea if it would work, I wouldn't even be able to make this hangers, so...)

    1. I was debating that! My main concern was that the paint would flake and then it would look worse. We take them down to water, so they do get moved around a bit. I might go for it anyways ..

  2. Those are beautiful! I love the brass detail like the little colored ends on one of them.

    I have a tool suggestion for hanging your artwork-- my mom has been using "Monkey Hooks" to put art up after her walls were repainted. She loves them! I think they would be great for renters. I plan to use them myself when i finally get around to hanging some art...

    1. I'll have to look into the monkey hooks! My issue is mainly fear of clutter. Our last place was larger so we had a lot of art hung, but in a smaller place I'm reluctant to hang anything on the walls in case it makes it look smaller still. I'm kind of liking the blank walls, but there is the issue of where to store all our art if we don't hang it.

  3. macramé AND cactus envy, here. these are so, so good.

  4. These are gorgeous. Our apartment don't have much in the way of outdoor space, so I end up cramming way too many plants on the windowsills. I think this might be the perfect solution.

  5. Did you make the one i the middle? Or is it bought? If you made it I would love to know how?


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