Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alllllmost done ...

It actually wasn't all that time consuming except for the fact that I ripped it out and redid it. And then I redid the basket weave at the bottom about 10 times because I was short on cord and desperately trying to make it work.


I just have a few finishing touches and then we'll get planting.


Which is it's own story, really.

I have an aversion to house plants. There, I said it. They remind me of everyone's houses in the '80s and I feel like people with houseplants are always worrying about strange sounding diseases and dusting them. Dusting living things! It just seems so strange, and like more upkeep than I can sign on for. I valiantly attempted to keep my balcony herb garden alive at our previous place because it was functional and I dislike paying for herbs. I gave in when D brought home mounds of rescued jade plant and spent a weekend potting it all up, because he swore I wouldn't have to do anything with it. I liked our green space although I generally let everything die during the winter.

And then we moved to an apartment with not a single scrap of outdoor space. We tossed the herbs and rehomed the jade and within a month Dustin started trying to get me to agree to indoor plants. I reluctantly agreed and then I decided that if a corner of our apartment was going to look like my childhood I might as well go the whole way and learn to macrame. Logical, right?

To be honest, the decision may have had less to do with aesthetics and more to do with the fact that I haven't picked up a new craft in a long time and I miss the feeling of it. It felt good. More details once I actually get it planted and hung.


  1. my mom mailed me birds of paradise houseplant years ago when my then boyfriend and I first moved to New York. when we moved from New York late last year (as a married couple, and with a baby in tow) the plant had gone from something that fit easily inside a small box to a total monstrosity: it was our first (and only) houseplant, never bloomed even though they allegedly were supposed to, and almost died many times. I was so stressed about what we'd do with it, but the broker finally took it in when we moved overseas because it had "positive vibes." So, you never know - you might get attached:)

  2. I *really* like having indoor plants. I inherited a bunch from a friend's move awhile back and have since set them up basically as window screens/curtains, ahahahha. Aside from cleaning the air, they really make a place feel cared for. Without all the useless bric-a-brac!

    Also, the only plants that need dusting are ones with larger leaves. Even then, you only need to do it every few months.

  3. I use to not like plants inside the house for the same reasons you mentioned. But I gave it a try a year ago and I'm hooked! They make the house feel alive and I feel like I breathe much better.

  4. Unrelated, but did you see that you made this post?

  5. I love house plants, but then I never had any in my house growing up. So maybe I'm rebelling in the opposite direction? But it is true that they get really dusty, which is discouraging. I always feel so sorry for our poor Christmas cactus, I always think it's dying but then I realize it's just covered in a fine layer of grayish dust.

  6. i also have an aversion to houseplants, mostly because they never seem to thrive and they just add tons of clutter. BUT i think hanging them is an awesome idea! looks really fresh! my mom was totally into macrame in the 70's. somehow those macrame holders survived like 4 moves until we finally trashed them.

  7. Oh what a lovely plant hanger (is that how you call it?) do you have a link for this project? I would like to make one too :)


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