Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The holidays, briefly

It was a crazy December for us, but we're settling in and it feels good.

christmas baking
{christmas baking}

a rare salad
{a rare salad}

xmas packing
{xmas packing}

wrapped and ready
{wrapped and ready}



sunday morning
{sunday morning}


air kisses
{air kisses}

couch cuddles
{couch cuddles}

I did manage to pull it together and ended up doing a lot more baking than I'd planned. The new kitchen has very, very little counterspace and it was a challenge. We're working on a solution but it's going to take a while to get it installed. I survived.

We'd been eating nothing but take out (moving, hadn't unpacked the kitchen) before we sailed into a holiday diet of cookies for every meal. Needless to say, I only have one pair of pants that currently fit (if you don't count sweatpants). I documented this salad specifically because it's the only one we had in December. I'm trying to get back into a normal eating pattern but my body still thinks it needs a daily sugar infusion. We're currently working on a settlement.

That third picture up there is what it looks like when we pack for Christmas. This was actually a really minimal year, because we didn't buy gifts for the most part. But we go to at least four different events over the two days and we bring food to each one, so it requires some strategizing and careful packing.

And of course, the biggest holiday joy was having Circe with us in our new apartment. She's figured out that it's home and settled in right away. I thought we couldn't love her anymore but having her weird little personality around all day, every day, has proven me wrong. It's kind of embarrassing how obsessed we are.

We still have piles of stuff everywhere (perils of moving into a place where you have to add storage space - things can't get put away until you find time to build said storage space) but it's coming along and I'll show pictures of the apartment as we get things done. It was super discouraging for the first few weeks and then I willed myself to be blind to the mess and now I manage to ignore it most of the time. We'll get there. Soon.

I have posts to write, about our new place and the new year and my usual annual budget dissertation, I just need to find a little time. I'll be back.


  1. Happy New Year, Rachel! I am in awe of that giant jug of molasses. ;)

    1. Ha! Yes, the giant jug of molasses is insane and the new kitchen doesn't have a single cabinet tall enough for it. I usually get through one jug in just over a year (spanning two Christmases) mostly because of the gingerbread house party. I'm going to be so bummed if I have to go back to the small bottles just because of space restrictions. : (

  2. I'm always happy when one of your posts pops up in my Bloglovin' feed, even though they've been infrequent lately. The doggy is adorable! And I only ate a couple of salads in December, so I feel ya.

  3. I enjoy every single post on your blog and I was looking forward for this post about your christmas holiday for a long time. I love your new place and I can't wait for more info and pictures on the apartment. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Rachel! And weirdly, was totally waiting for your next post ~ specifcally something like this. :)

  5. Have been checking for a new entry! yay! Happy New Year!~ and yes! that jug of molasses is amazing!

  6. That's so great that Circe is enjoying the new apartment! Does she still get along well with Snowy? Happy holidays Rachel! Glad to see you pop into my reader. :)

    1. Circe does still get to visit Snowy every few weeks! Adjusting to the separation been harder on him than on her (she loves playing with him but she's more into people than dogs) but luckily he also gets along with my parents' other dog (Circe's nemesis) so he still has someone to play with.

  7. Welcome back! And bravo for the wonderful post-Christmas post. I'm impressed with all the prepared baking you took to the events. I'm also thrilled you have Circe with you now. Full time! What a joy!

  8. Welcome back Rachel! I have missed you - funny how you grow so attached to your daily reads. It's weird when you didn't post for ages (though completely understandable!) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years and looking forward to seeing the rest of your new place and sharing your stories of Circe.

  9. embarrassing how obsessed we are is exactly how I feel about me, my gentleman companion and our dog. And it doesn't ever stop. haha

  10. Happy New Year. Can't wait to see pictures of the new place, but more importantly, glad to hear that you're enjoying your new space.


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