Friday, September 20, 2013

Update - homemade cleaners

I frequently forget to follow up on how new things are going, because telling you that I'm still doing something is not nearly as interesting as just posting about something new.

BUT ... 

I'm still on board with the homemade kitchen cleaner and it's very easy. 

lemon cleaner
{lemon cleaner}

I'm mostly sticking with the lemon + basil variation. I've gotten in the habit of saving lemon peels, cleaning off the fruit right away and keeping them in a bag in the fridge. The higher your ratio of peels to vinegar, the better your cleaner will smell, unsurprisingly. I chop the peels up a bit before I pack them in a jar to maximize the contact. 

You can re-use the peels at least once. After a couple weeks, I'll pour off the steeped vinegar into my spray bottle and then just top off the peels with fresh vinegar and let it sit for another few weeks. Works great. I always have two jars going now.


  1. The lemon is a nice touch. I just use straight vinegar, and though that scent fades after a few minutes, leaving behind a nice lemon scent might be nice.

  2. I'm definitely going to have to start saving my lemon peels, because at the moment I'm just using vinegar! This may be a silly question, but once with the vinegar do you still have to keep them in the fridge?

    Thanks, Rachel!


    1. I don't keep it in the fridge and it's been fine! I do keep them in the dark, but only because I leave them under the sink. I think the straight vinegar is enough to keep anything from growing.


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