Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The weekend, briefly

I feel like I spent most of this weekend in the kitchen and it shows. (Although I did go to LACMA on Friday evening for a second viewing of the James Turrell exhibit. I can't get enough. I'm scheduled for the perceptual cell in October. Eeek!)


saturday pancakes
{saturday pancakes}


layers, successfully removed
{layers, successfully removed}

soft balling it
{soft balling it}

fudge frosting
{fudge frosting}

a warm place in the sun
{a warm place in the sun}

evening pizza
{evening pizza}

the cake
{the cake}

We had D's brother over for the weekend and teenage boys mean CARBS (and mild attempts at art enlightenment, hence the LACMA expedition). Pancakes in the morning, pizza the entire rest of the day, everyday. I think I've finally mastered Nancy Silverton's pizza dough recipe and we're all benefiting. Except maybe my pants. Luckily they can't talk.

I was running low on yeast and desperate not to go to the store, so I coaxed the dough into rising by finding the sunniest spot I could, hence the mixing bowl precariously perched in the herb garden. It worked!

THE CAKE was surprisingly docile this year. Layers popped out effortlessly, the infamous fudge frosting came together with nary a complaint. I shouldn't have been surprised when everything else went pear shaped on Sunday and we were hit with a few family crises. Universe, you are a cruel mistress. But at least we had impeccable fudge frosting. That does help cushion the blows a bit.


  1. Happy that you're back with regular posting. I miss hearing about your life. I have been taking lots of inspiration lately in your weekend posts and now that I have a fulltime teaching job (!!!) my fiancé (relatively new and very exciting!) and I have been relishing in our new time off together on weekends. Thank you for getting me excited about the little things in life like rising pizza dough. It's the small things sometimes x

  2. your apartment is looking so great! love that shot of the dining table. sorry about the family crises... hugs from oc.

  3. I love your dining table! I am in search of one around that size and style (more difficult than I thought it should be!). Any idea who made yours?

    1. Thanks! We found it on Ebay. Actually, D found it, and I just agreed to pay for half of it. : )

      I think he was doing an Ebay search for some variety of "midcentury" "danish" "dining table". Our set is Danish modern (no makers mark, I don't think, but I can check later) and it's rosewood. We were really lucky to find this set for sale only a couple hours from where we live and the guy agreed to deliver for $50(!). It was pricey for us ($800) but SO MUCH cheaper than anything else we had looked at and we were really sick of living with the hand me down table we'd been using for a few years. It turned out to be a really good deal.

  4. Hope everything works out with the family stuff! Big hugs to you; that frosting looks incredible and I could really go for a pizza right now...

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the crises, though I'm glad the cake turned out so well this year- fudge frosting does help with these things, doesn't it?

  6. Hooray cake! Really sorry to hear about the family stuff, though. Hope things get better soon. xoxoxo

  7. Hope the family crisis has subsided! But could not agree more that a delicious dessert, comfort food can help calm nerves. We made this really delicious peach pie. You should check it out!



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