Friday, August 9, 2013

LA Craft Brew Crawl

The most magical weekend of the year is here! And there are still a few tickets left, last time I checked. They expanded it to two days to give people more options and reduced the number of tickets sold each day, so it should be better than ever.

I'm not sure why this event is so good, but it really is. Some combination of the gorgeous downtown bars and the warm weather and the treasure hunt feeling (complete with map!) and the beer. Lots and lots of really good beer.

seven grand
{lagunitas tasting - 2010}

{planning - 2011}

seven grand
{seven grand - 2012}

Yes, it looks very similar every year and I still have to take pictures. Hoping to come up with some kind of scorecard this time around but they usually don't release the brewery specifics until the morning of, which shot a hole in our plans to do this last year. Maybe I'll make the outline in advance? I don't want to show you what our notes usually degenerate into over the course of the afternoon.


  1. what?! how fun! we live up here on the central coast (by san luis obispo) and although we have plenty of breweries that sounds like a lot of fun :)


  2. Love this! I have been contemplating rallying a group to go for a week or so and this post made me do it! I'll be going Sunday and cannot wait to taste as many IPAs as possible!

  3. My friend is over there :) I have never gone, and am not a big beer fan but it might be fun to go one year with friends.
    Do you get email reminder or anything?
    I know the tickets are to be purchased beforehand, correct?

    Have fun!!


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