Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eating and drinking

This recipe is the only reason I've opened the oven in the last month. It's one of my favorites and I've finally convinced D of how awesome it is (although he doesn't eat it with an egg - crazy). It needs no modification, but you can add sliced fennel bulbs if you happen to have them lying around. If you happen to have white wine open then you can use it instead of chicken stock. I also go heavy on the carrots. If you have a cabbage skeptic in your house, this could change everything. At least, everything cabbage related. Let's not sell it too hard.

braised cabbage
{braised cabbage}

We made these tarragon cocktails for a party and we've been drinking them for two weeks to use up the simple syrup. I'm not the slightest bit tired of them because they're that good. I can't wait to use the recipe as a template and swap in other kinds of herbs. Lemon and rosemary? Grapefruit and fennel frond? I am on it. 

tarragon cocktail
{tarragon cocktail}

I realize that tablecloth is crazy wrinkled but I have no intention of ironing it. I'm thinking maybe if I ignore it the creases will magically fall out. Or we'll just pretend it's a textural choice.


  1. you have sold me on what to make for dinner this weekend!
    Kasey :)

    1. I hope you love it! I make it as a side dish if I'm eating with other people but if I'm on my own I can make it a meal.

  2. Love your comment about the tablecloth! I think the same way about it :) Gives it character, I say!

  3. i do a very similar cocktail with rosemary simple syrup and lemon juice. it's amazing. plus if you want to make it for a crowd you can do this one.

  4. Hahaha! Yes, I think eventually they will fall out..

  5. texture always makes everything better.

    god, that tarragon cocktail sounds so refreshing.

  6. I knew you were doing better than scrambled eggs.

  7. oooooo i like your comments disclaimer. might have to do something similar....

  8. Just spritz it with a little water before work, and by the time you come home the wrinkles should be (mostly) gone :)

  9. Looks yummy!


  10. this is awesome - love a wrinkly table cloth



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