Thursday, June 14, 2012

The weekend, briefly (mini-vacation edition)

I just wrapped up a tough quarter at work and we decided to slip away for a very quick vacation. I wanted HEAT and Palm Springs was perfect.

colony palms hotel
{colony palms hotel}

byo cup
{byo cup}



:: notes :: 

We went back to the Colony Palms Hotel, where we had our honeymoon (also a two day vacation - one of these days we'll have to take a longer one). Coincidentally, we checked into the hotel on our nine month anniversary. Not planned. The pool at CPH is great, and that's critical because we spent 8 - 10 hours straight lying next to it. It was a little more crowded this time but we still managed to snag chairs with an umbrella, thankfully. I do not tan.

When we went on our honeymoon I was totally frazzled from the wedding madness. I jammed a few things in a bag and we took off. I forgot to pack any books and was stuck at the mercy of the local CVS selection. This time I was prepared. I had two thick murder mysteries from the library (this one and this one, because I never give up on a series once I start) and a surprisingly large pile of swimsuits (I used to buy one every year when J. Crew would have a post-summer sale and they don't get much wear, so at this point I have half a dozen accumulated). D had a stack of New Yorkers. He's the classy one, clearly.

I bought us these plastic tumblers to take along and they were such a good purchase. I love the drinks from the poolside bar (the purple lemonade is my fave), but they add up really quickly. We packed habanero tequila + grapefruit juice and mixed our own drinks to take down to the pool most of the time. And we also ended up much more hydrated because we were constantly refilling the tumblers with water and ice. I think these are coming on all vacations now.

We went on the aerial tram for the first time. I have a fairly crippling fear of heights but it never seems to occur to me when we're planning something and I really didn't realize how insanely high the tram was. I survived, but it probably wasn't the smartest choice.

In case you are wondering what else to do in Palm Springs, I have to admit I'm stumped. We ate a really nice dinner at Copley's because they were still running their restaurant week special. We had awesome sandwiches at Jake's on our way out of town. Other than that, we didn't leave the hotel property. We mostly just come for the heat and the pool, which is why two days is exactly the right amount of time. Any longer and I would start getting antsy.

* If you're thinking about sneaking out of town for a mid-week stay, CPH is running their summer special now through September 30th. $95 a night for weeknights + $25 restaurant credit + champagne split to welcome you. I'm slightly bitter that this email arrived while I was at their pool, with no such credit, but I'm overcoming my baser instincts and sharing it with you anyways. Book online with the code PRVT.  We might go back and take advantage, but we were also eyeing the Alcazar right down the street. So many options. So little vacation time.


  1. That aerial tram photo is amazing.

  2. That last photo is frankly terrifying! Quite an experience, I'm sure.

    Hope you're feeling all refreshed now :)

    Becky @ x

  3. Wow, I was in PS this weekend too! I recommend Cheeky's/Birba for eating and I'm pretty sure they're right next to CPH. My roommate loves Natures too.
    I was just saying I wanted to do the aerial tram on our way out of town, that photo looks thrilling.

    1. Ha! How funny! We missed out on Cheekys/Birba, sadly. Planned to go to Birba Monday evening and grab breakfast at Cheeky's on Tuesday am. Both are closed at those times. Wah-wah. Next time.

    2. I second the vote for Cheekys and Birba. Both are great. Palm Greens Cafe is also a good bet. It's in a strip mall, and the interior leaves something to be desired, but the food is incredible.

  4. how fun, I love the Palm Spring tram! [Treasure Tromp] 

  5. how was the heat? i'm trying to decide if it would be crazy to go next weekend (forecasts are for over 100 through next week).

    1. It was perfect for me! Which is to say, around 100, but the heat is dry. It is overly hot for active things during the day, but we would basically sit by the pool (in the shade) from 10 am to 6 pm and it's just right for that. It cools down just enough after dark to make walking around in a little dress very comfortable. For someone who is frequently cold in the evenings, I love being out in PS.

    2. sounds perfect for me too. i wasn't planning on doing anything except lounging, swimming and drinking/eating. thanks!

  6. Good for you both that you got to get away!

    I live in New England and have never been to California...some day maybe..

    I love the Sue Grafton series...I just finished V is for Vengeance, it wasn't one of my favorites but there was no way that I wasn't going to finish it..

    Those plastic tumblers with straws are so handy..

    Have you read Sarah Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski series? You might like these if you haven't already..

    1. I think Sue Grafton has really managed to keep it together - the series is consistent and good. I liked this latest one pretty well. And I'm impressed that she's so close to finishing the alphabet!

      The Patricia Cornwell ones are just embarrassing and I'll admit it. They've gone so far downhill that it almost seems like a joke. But I have this series compulsion and I can't bring myself to stop reading each new one as it comes out. This last one was particularly bad.

      I haven't read Sarah Paretsky - thank you for the recommendation! Adding it to my library list.

  7. oh my goodness, i'm so proud of you for surviving that tram ride! i saw the way you trembled when we were rock climbing ;)

  8. I'd say the best thing to do in Palm Springs is just that -- lay around by the pool and generally relax throughout the entire trip! xo

  9. I love that kind of getaway just to change the energy and return brighter!

    Have a nice weekend!


  10. As a Palm Springs local, there truly is nothing to do except spend money! (which is very frustrating at times, and things that are cheap actually require a lot of your time in the hot hot heat.)

  11. That sounds a lovely getaway, and that is quite some cable car trip!

  12. oooh, I've ridden that tram before too. I am also paralyzed by heights. I just kept my eyes closed until we got to the top... and the snow!

  13. Thank you, just booked our night there, it will be perfect for our babymoon!


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