Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for playing along with my Valentine's Day frenzy this week and I hope you all do something fun this weekend, either to celebrate the holiday or to make fun of it, as suits your preference. I like to do both, actually.

Of course, it's easy to celebrate when you get fabulous packages in the mail.

I participated in Amanda's V-day swap and received some pretty great stuff from Lauren. Homemade bath fizzies and a tiny pot of honey and the most awesome card. Yes, that card has a skyline cut out of a Japanese newspaper. It's like she already knew me when she made it.

Photos are Lauren's via Kidchamp, dorky heart embellishments are mine

And I guess D was feeling bad for living it up in Dubai while I have to go to work everyday, because a little package arrived for me from Etsy seller ellainaboutique and it contained both the hoodie and the tank top that I had been coveting! P.S. They are amazing and so soft and drapey.

Obviously I didn't wait until Saturday to open anything. Waiting is not my forte.

I'll leave you with a list of my favorite things to do to celebrate/mock.

1. Go for an evening walk past fancy restaurants and look for awkward couples who are clearly in the early stages of their relationship and felt obliged to go out even though they might not really be feeling it and now they are kind of uncomfortable. Feel infinitely superior.

2. Break out a split of champagne (or a bottle, depending on your alcohol tolerance) and toast yourself. Allow the champagne to take effect and dance crazily around your apartment.

3. Rent embarrassing movies and wallow on the couch while eating cupcakes. Deny this the next day. Or admit it. Whatever works for you. I find that coconut cupcakes are really the best for wallowing.

4. Order the cheapest Chinese take out you can find and have an Arrested Development marathon. Feel free to substitute your favorite show. (This is actually what D and I do, the years we actually manage to spend the evening together).

I think I'll be partaking of 1, 2 and 3 this year. Anyone else have brilliant plans?


  1. a. we have arrested development marathons on a bi weekly basis.

    b. this does not pertain to this post; why did i think you were a graphic designer? your a scientist? wtf? that makes all of your crafty goondess that much, more. awesome.

    c. the first swappity!!!! yay! we have been twittering about this. [you=twitter, please?]

    d. ben does not like champagne, but i think i will get cupcakes [and beer for him] to enjoy at post dinner, in home, dance party

    e. xo

  2. I love #2!!!

    My husband and I have a little game we love to do on dates similar to #4... we always like to find the people that are on first dates (you can ALWAYS pick them out!) and silently make fun of the awkwardness that insues. People say the stupidest stuff on first dates (I was probably one of them too...) anyways, like you mentioned: always good for a dose of superiority!

  3. Something very strange has come over me. I will report back later. Have a great weekend!

  4. my plans might just now have to include stopping by your place with a camera. i'd so love to capture you dancing around drunk in your apartment :)

  5. chinese and arrested??? definitely a slice of heaven.

  6. Lovely ideas! Love your blog!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's day you too!

  7. that card is so stunning, the glitter silver heart is so cute!

    no.1 sounds so fun,i'll def take notice of that this Sat! ;)

  8. we'll be doing all of those, if fortune smiles. i'm also scheduling time for baking a german chocolate cake for the joe and then, when i fail at that (i'm enthusiastic about but terrible at baking), taking him out to play darts at our local. have a lovely weekend, and thanks again for the swappy goodness!

  9. Yahooo... looks like you had some wonderful treasure delieverd to you. I'm with you it is hard to wait to open a gift.

    I have been in the kitchen all week, I can't even think of sharing in the sweets I have been baking. LOL...

    For the morning I have scones ready to bake.

    Have a golden weekend my friend, whateaver you decide to do. xoxo

  10. Love #1!! That's too funny - I always look for the 1st date couples too! Love all the others too!

    Hope you have a good Valentine's weekend!

  11. Going to the show Stomp this weekend - can't wait! Your weekend sounds great - have a fun one!

  12. I'm sort of in love with your little list of things to do. The fist one is hilarious!! Wes and I play this game when we are at restaurants...with other couples who look like they are on first dates (awkward and yet so entertaining). There have been a few nights of me alone..champagne and Marie Antoinette...and yes...dancing. Our plan this year has sort of become a tradition, we go to Red Hot Pottery and paint something together! I will be posting this fun!! Have a beautiful weekend! : )

  13. there is so much utter cuteness happening all over your blog!

  14. I'm in love with all of these :) *sighs* what a great time!

    By the way, love Arrested Development!

  15. i'm so totally gonna do all of them. except #1.

    i'd do #1 if the weather was warmer - i don't think it'd be as pleasurable in -10 degree weather.

  16. Love your list! The first made me laugh.

  17. What a great blog you have- so glad to have found it! And happy Vday! :) My beau and I are going spa-ing...

  18. Hmmm. We'll be at a MOCA opening H-town's doing the install for. Probably all the artsy people will ignore v-day?

    But I will have the whole day to myself to wallow. Maybe I'll eat potato chips and watch Molly Ringwald movies.

  19. YOU ARE SO GRAND! I love no. 1, you bad mouse!

  20. These are wonderful plans. I don't know what we will be doing. We may be the awkward married couple that don't have anything to talk about because we've been married so long so we'll talk about the other couples or we'll stay home and relax. I just rented Season 2 of The Tudors. That and Chinese sounds like fun to me!

  21. oohlala, that hoodie and top are lovely! this post really put a smile on my face, i can certainly relate to #1-too funny! I'm not sure what I'm doing yet but there's no doubt it will involve many sweet treats! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Rachel!

  22. No plans! But I may take up your champagne idea and have myself a wee dance party!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  23. Sounds like a wonderful plan :0)


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