Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anza Borrego camping - 2017 edition

We loved our Anza Borrego trip last year so much that we vowed to get a reservation during wildflower season this year. Of course, when you're picking your dates you have no way of predicting the exact week that the flowers will explode. But we booked a site and then some friends booked another site next to us and then other friends booked a third site and pretty soon we had a 25 person camping trip* in the works.

Luckily the timing was pretty good. We didn't see full on fields of color, but there were so many beautiful flowers and it was amazing to see the desert this green for the first time in years. We stayed in Borrego Palm campground again, full review of the campground in my previous post.

desert wildflowers
camping morning
avocado prep
camping breakfast
campground dogs
desert river
desert dog

On our way home we took a detour so we could check out some of the DesertX art installations in and around Palm Springs. Definitely worth getting home a little later than usual.

Doug Aitken - Mirage
Doug Aitken - Mirage
The Circle of Land and Sky - Phillip K Smith III
Claudia Comte - Curves and Zigzags

*In case you're wondering how you coordinate a 25 person camping trip - SHARED SPREADSHEET. Rather than having everyone bring their own food we assigned a certain number of people to each meal and asked people to sign up. Other communal items you should have people sign up to bring - coolers with ice, firewood, french presses, camping stoves. It was really nice sharing out the meal duties because we only had to bring breakfast stuff.


  1. I am definitely NOT an outdoors camping enthusiast, but I love reading your posts about camping! They ALMOST make me want to try it again. ALMOST.

  2. I need to know how do you use the bathroom when camping? I've never been.

    1. Ha! It really varies. This particular campsite has running water, so there are plenty of flush toilets (and even showers!). Most of the campsites we go to have pit toilets, which basically look like a bathroom but there's no running water so the toilet doesn't flush. They don't smell great, but it's fine.

  3. That area is so beautiful! Wow. How do you find camping with your dogs? Do you use a special dot tent for them?

  4. Would you be willing to share the spreadsheet you use for your camping trips? I am trying to coordinate a camping trip with my friends this summer and I'd love to make sure we have all our meals covered and everyone contributes equally!


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