Friday, December 19, 2014

Homemade crackers

Possibly the most unnecessary holiday task to add to your list. Yet still kind of fun.

fig almond crackers
{fig almond crackers}

I made these for Friendsgiving and while it would have been much smarter not to give myself an extra task, I have to admit they were pretty delicious. And they actually held up well, so I could definitely have baked them a day or two ahead and stored them in a ziploc bag.

These crackers are easy (I think I put together the dough in less than 15 minutes) and they can be stored in the freezer and baked off as needed. I still have a half log that I'm looking forward to using and I'm even contemplating making another batch.

I've clearly been brainwashed by MSL.

Recipe is here - no need for edits. I used vermouth instead of port to avoid buying one more bottle of rarely used alcohol and it worked perfectly well. They are really good with creamy brie. They're more delicate than grocery store crackers, but our guests agreed that the deliciousness outweighed any inconvenience.

A word of warning - I also made the cheddar and gruyere version and I was so frustrated with them. It took a lot of cheese (that had to be finely grated by hand) and then they froze so solid that even after letting them sit out for longer than I was supposed to they still cracked into giant pieces when I tried to slice them. The final product was decent tasting, but I would never make them again.


  1. i used to make crackers more often for parties, but as you say, they are a lot of effort that seems to go unnoticed. i did make cheesy crackers last month, and they were more crumbly than i remembered, so i won't be making that recipe again.

  2. I usually take the lazy way out and buy things like crackers rather than make them at home. These, however, look so tasty! And you've convinced me that they are easy, so I will try them soon!



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