Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer colors

It's terribly annoying when people complain about the weather, but this heatwave we're in is slowly breaking me. I've been going to yoga classes every evening because at least then I'm sweating while moving instead of sweating while lying splayed on the living room floor. It just feels better.

And even though many of you are probably done with summer already, here are a couple of pretty things that I've been enjoying over the last month ...

matte colorburst
{matte colorburst}

grapefruit saison from golden road
{grapefruit saison from golden road}

:: I've always had a hard time with bright lip color, because it makes me feel self conscious and I'm worried it's on my teeth or all over my face (this is a real possibility - I frequently don't see myself in the mirror until 2pm at which point I realize my hair has been doing something crazy all day and everyone has been too polite to say anything). But I couldn't resist these little tubes. They're the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms and they're awesome. I have 240, which is a gorgeous red, and 245, which is a bright coral. You can apply them lightly and rub them in and get a stain effect, or you can apply them heavily, blot a couple times and you're good to go for hours. I've had good luck with them surviving everything but a full meal, which seems fair. If your lips are dry, it can go on chalky, so I like to put chapstick on while I'm getting ready and let it absorb for a while before putting on the color. Somehow the fact that these are matte makes me feel less self conscious about wearing them. I used to be a major shine addict (anyone remember Mac Lip Glass?) but this is a nice change.

:: We've been enjoying a lot of saisons this summer. They're lighter, less hoppy, very refreshing. If you're a hops addict (I fully admit that I have a problem) it might be a hard sell at first, but I've come to love them. I'll admit that I bought this grapefruit saison the first time because it came in the prettiest can I've ever seen, but it really is a great beer. We've been picking it up at Whole Foods whenever we see it. Nicely done, Golden Road.


  1. Grapefruit beer is one of my favourite things!! Yum! Love that can! It's funny people are complaining about the weather here too. Cause it's snowing in parts of Canada! It's funny that we "can never win".

    Xx from the Girl in the Houndstooth Coat

  2. I'm a sucker for matte reds and corals and I am also a sucker for anything grapefruit. This post is right up my alley, hopefully they will have this beer in my local whole foods!

  3. I have the exact same colours, I'm also not a lipstick person but these won me over. love how easy they are to apply!


  4. ooh, will have to give that saison a try when we're out next week; i'm still mourning the loss of schofferhofer, thanks to its non-veg-friendly coloring. (we're out next week, we're out next week! looks like we'll be in LA through wednesday now; i'll email you about it again before we fly out!)

  5. Ok I wrote a super long/excited comment but it didn't work. But basically, I recently checked your blog to see if you bought these matte balms because I bought the lip stain last year after your rec. I'm so excited to see that you did because I literally bought 210 yesterday! Not even kidding. It is HOT pink, more than expected, but I decided to go with it instead of coral and red since I have a million corals and a similar Tarte red crayon. I love the application of these over lipstick... not as thick, less concern about getting the corners or teeth stains. Depending on how I feel about 210, I might start getting my usual spectrum of colors and use these over lipsticks. I agree that these can be more drying on dry lips, so chapstick before def helps. Anyway, glad to see you bought these too since I like reading your recommendations.

  6. I can't wait to try that beer! I'm a HUGE hops fan (in fact, it's really the only kind of beer I drink) but I'm intrigued now.

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