Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I came home after a very long day a few weeks ago and the lights were on in our bedroom even though  I knew D wasn't home.

bedside lamps
{bedside lamps}

Turns out while I was gone he'd purchased mirrored bulbs and hung the lamps we wired back in September! And he'd made the bed for good measure.

I love them. And him.


  1. they look FANTASTIC - i am so impressed that your wiring project turned out so well! and if i were lily i'd be thrilled that my paintings lived in this scene. fine work all 'round, folks.

  2. wow they are gorgeous!!

  3. What a cool idea! Where are those awesome paintings from?

    1. They're from Lily Stockman's Homestead series. We are deeply in love with them!

  4. Ok...
    that's so sweet!

    and your room looks so peaceful and calm. I love it.


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