Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Closing shop

I closed my Etsy shop before the wedding because time was in short supply. I intended to re-open it in time for the holidays last year, but um, I'd realized that actually having free evenings was amazing. So I told myself I'd give it a year and then make a decision.

The bottom line is that while I always turned a profit, by the time I'd paid taxes (doing my taxes was fairly hellish in and of itself) and figured out what my actual gross for the year was and then started calculating how many hours I was putting into the shop, it started to look ridiculous. I never finished those calculations because it was too depressing. I'm pretty sure I was working for less than $2 an hour. And while I loved custom orders and interacting with customers and the entire business of it, I value my time more highly than that. I was doing enough volume to take up virtually all my free time so it was hard to call it a hobby and I've never believed in treating a business like a hobby anyways. While I was sewing items over and over again for resale, it was hard to feel motivated to do my own projects.

So I'm closing the shop, for good. It was a great experience and I'm not saying I won't ever try running a business again, but this particular one is finished.

Sept 2010 shop update

I've gone ahead and listed all my remaining inventory and I'll keep the shop open until December 15th. I'm also clearing out all the fabrics I used for the rosebud line so if anyone is interested in crafting material, just let me know and we'll work out a good price.

Thank you all for your support over the years, both here and in the shop!


  1. Sad to see your shop close, but sounds like its the right decision. Can't wait to go browse around and see what I can pick up.

  2. i think this an interesting addition to the conversation on whether etsy is a viable income generator. glad i gave a friend one of your pretty belts while your shop was open!

  3. Free nights are pretty priceless, I must say. Being a one-person production company is difficult, even if you like the work. I think I'd rather prefer drink testing. Mmm, cranberry-ginger syrup with bourbon. :)

  4. you had a good run! i love your simple, colorful style. but you and d deserve to veg out after work like the rest of us! it's reallyhard to say bye to a business, but sometimes it's absolutely the best thing to do. xoxo

  5. i've always admired the pieces in your shop. now it's time for me to get off my ass and buy something. :)

    sad to see it close, but glad to know you'll have more time to savor as your own.

  6. Free nights are definitely something worth having, and doing the math on a creative business can be so hard! Especially when more and more consumers seem to just be calculating the value of things only by the cost of the ingredients/pieces/etc., when value is so so much more than that. Sorry to see your lovely work go, but it's totally understandable.

  7. Good game plan :) -- I think we all appreciate our time more as we get older! Another idea, if no one has yet taken up your offer to buy up supplies: you can list your materials as "destash" (which, for my visual self, I pronounced as "des-tash" like the "e" in "desk," when it's actually "de-stash" -- genius!). Scope it out on etsy if you're really keen on moving those supplies :) -- good luck!

    1. Thanks, Cara! That's a smart idea. I've never sold supplies before and it's more the idea of the waste that is getting to me! I hate for all that fabric to get tossed but I can't see myself using it. I'll look into that listing category.


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