Tuesday, February 14, 2012


steep hike
{steep hike}

oranges, sunlight
{oranges, sunlight}

restocking the freezer
{restocking the freezer}

mishapen waffles
{misshapen waffles}

puppies + d
{puppies + d}

curious snowy
{curious snowy}


pudding + work
{pudding + work}


sunday happy hour
{sunday happy hour}

baja taco @ mas malo
{baja taco @ mas malo}

:: notes ::

 A very busy weekend (hiking, cooking, puppies, superbowl party) followed by a much more mellow one. After a fairly hellish work week, I got a full Saturday to myself and it was amazing. I ate an entire batch of tapioca pudding, watched the final disc of Friday Night Lights (so satisfying!), played with paper, and then later ordered myself a giant hamburger for dinner. People always talk about gaining weight when they move in with someone but if I'm stressed and left to my own devices my eating can get out of control. It's far too embarrassing to do the same thing if you have a witness, so I'm forced to exercise some restraint most of the time.

On Sunday we bused it downtown for the Barney's Warehouse sale and accidentally ran into the Grammys - it was a madhouse down there. We booked it over to Mas Malo, which has one of the best happy hours in town, as I believe I've mentioned before. We rolled home full and just slightly tipsy and went to bed early.


  1. As if there's not enough jealousy over the fresh oranges and amazing Mexican food you have in Cali, you "accidentally ran into the Grammys" haha. My boyfriend is trying to get me to leave the East Coast (and my family) and move to CA, and these photos may have swung things a little more his way! P.S., again, love your dogs. Snowy sure knew what he was doing when he wandered your parents' way! :)

    1. Definitely no need for jealousy about the Grammys! They keep it pretty well blocked off, so you can't see anyone famous, you're just stuck trudging through sidewalks of random people *trying* to catch a glimpse of someone famous.

  2. Your pups... so cute.

  3. WOW that's a huge recipe book!


  4. your sunday sounds perfect. i plan to imitate it when the barney's warehouse sale starts on this side of the coast this weekend.

  5. Isn't Friday Night Lights the best? I'm making my boyfriend watch all the discs and I'm so excited to watch it again myself!

    1. Nice! D isn't at all interested in watching it with me, so I powered through it alone. So good.

  6. Your weekend looks amazing! Right up my alley... :) I am so jealous of that crystal blue sky.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Lisa Marie

  7. chewy chips and habanero salsa. yum.

  8. Your organising looks very, well, organised! Any top tips to share? Rx


    1. That's my recipe binder! I used to print out all the recipes I wanted to try and then put them in the binder. Now I tend to Pinterest recipes I want to try and only print them out once I know I like them. The ones I love get organized into the binder in clear sheet protectors and I pull them out when I need to use them. It's a simple system, but I like having all of my recipes ready to use and easy to access all the time.

  9. Wonderful photos as usual! Those waffles look yummy :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  10. great pictures. The dog is soooo cute!!

    check out the prom themed birthday party on my blog. kisses!


  11. I love your pictures!!!
    They are so soft and strong at the same time..
    I love watching them after a hard day in the office...it cools me down and helps getting other ideas and a fresh horizon...

    thank you so much for the fun and creative input!

  12. Is that a bowl with a spoon groove? Such a clever idea! I hate when my spoon falls so far into my cereal/soup/chili/what-have-you that I have to wash it before I continue eating. May I ask where you got it?


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