Monday, October 14, 2013

Reading, last week (er, last month)

I don't have a good list of books for you right now because I haven't been reading as much as I'd like. I also only have 2 minutes to get this post published, even though I've had it mostly drafted for a month.

BUT - if you are looking for a super absorbing, mystery/thriller with lots of suspense and some excellent plot twists, you will probably want to check out Afterwards. I got it because I enjoyed Lupton's novel Sister quite a bit and this one is EVEN BETTER.

I don't like to describe mysteries too much because I think it ruins the surprise. The voices in this novel are strong, the concept is unusual, the characters are enjoyable and I had a really hard time putting it down during the last 1/3 of the book. To the extent where I was borderline rude to Dustin a few evenings in a row because I was so desperate to get to the ending.

It was a good ending.


  1. i love the same genre - thanks for the rec!

  2. i loved the plot and it was indeed so twisty, but the narration sort of bothered me. also, once in awhile i would just wince at a really cheesy line! but, overall, very hard to put down!!

  3. i always love your book rec's, thanks for fueling my library book addiction!

  4. Ok, this makes me really happy because I LOVED Sister, and I've had this one on my Amazon wish list ever since it came out. For some reason I kept hesitating on it, but now I'm really excited to get it!

  5. Thanks for the rec! I was rude to my entire family today because I was finishing Where Have You Been Bernadette.

  6. I hadn't picked this one up because I didn't enjoy 'Sisters' (found it redundant of too many other books have read) but will now pick 'Afterwards' up from library.Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoy your blog, especially your photos. Thank you.


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